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  • Israel's Strangulation of Gaza by the Numbers
    • Who is the Real Threat to World Peace?

      Who has built a secret nuclear weapons arsenal estimated at 200 warheads?
      Who has refused to allow its inspection by the IAEA?
      Who has denied even possessing any nuclear weapons of mass destruction?
      Who offered the apartheid regime of South Africa, nuclear bomb technology?
      Who is in gross breach of UN resolutions regarding occupied territories?
      Who is in violation of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights?
      Who is in breach of their association agreement with the EU?
      Who continues with hundreds of illegal settlements on occupied land?
      Who continues with illegal evictions in east Jerusalem?
      Who forged EU passports for a state-sponsored assassination in Dubai?
      Who killed 720 civilians including over 300 children in Operation Cast Lead?
      Who used prisoners as human shields?
      Who used banned white phosphorus as a chemical weapon against civilians?
      Who deliberately contaminated southern Lebanon with cluster bombs?
      Who still holds in prison thousands of political prisoners?
      Who has a charter that categorically prohibits a Palestinian state?
      Who has built an illegal town half way between Nablus and Ramallah?
      Who builds and sells unmanned aerial drones capable of delivering WMD?
      Who builds and sells cluster bombs and guns to regimes worldwide?
      Who are only the second largest indigenous people of (former) Palestine?
      Who were the terrorist organizations called LEHI and Irgun Zvai Leumi?
      Who represents a minority of only about one third of their own people?
      Who has the backing of a very powerful lobby group in the US legislature?
      Who is the recipient of billions of dollars every year from the US congress?
      Who receives billions of dollars worth of offensive military equipment?
      Who treats the United Nations and the world with contempt?

  • Turkey Crisis Provokes Israeli Army Anger at Lieberman
    • The EU should follow Turkey and break ties with Israel
      Turkey is a major European state, an important member of NATO and a future member of the EU. Israel is a Middle Eastern state which is, for the present, allowed a trading concession with the European Union by virtue of the EU-Israel Association Agreement. But Israel is and has been in breach of the human rights provision of that agreement for some time and there is the possibility that it will be abrogated.
      That Turkey is breaking all military ties with Israel, who is a non-member of NATO, makes good sense, and better security for Europe. The EU should follow suit

  • Mubarak Defies a Humiliated America, Emulating Netanyahu
    • Why Israel’s Netanyahu fears democracy.

      Likud’s political raison d’être is based upon a proposition that is, sadly, not only invalid, but also illegal under international law.

      Netanyahu’s right-wing party has, at the core of its agenda, the expropriation of the whole of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Its vision, illegitimate in the eyes of the world, is known as a ‘Greater Israel’ – an area intended by Likud to be ethnically cleansed of all Muslims and Christians - which action, it claims, is justified by a biblical promise.

      However, the international community, by virtue of UN Resolution 242, has long declared this to be illegal and that all Palestinian land must be returned to its rightful owners.

      In fact, not only has the state of Israel refused to return the land, but has continued to induce its citizens to illegally build and settle in the occupied territories, and has been supported in this by Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak who still co-operates in Israel’s siege of Gaza.

      Of course, Mubarak is a dictator and will get into bed with anyone provided that he, personally, benefits. Currently, he sleeps with Netanyahu, because the American-Israel lobby pays him US$1.5 billion every year, to do so.

      However, when Egypt eventually installs a democratic government, then its prime minister will undoubtedly refuse to sleep around, notwithstanding the effect that may have on US ‘aid’. And that will mean the end of the illegal blockade of Gaza, giving back freedom, food and medical supplies to a half million families – families just like yours and mine.

      That is why Binyamin Netanyahu fears democracy.

  • Is AIPAC a Wikileaks Operation?
    • The long and short of the matter is that AIPAC is bad for democracy. A minority pressure group whose agenda is one purely of self-interest; which represents but a very small fraction of the 308 million strong American electorate yet manages to wield an extraordinarily disproportionate influence over US foreign policy - is directly contrary to the spirit and letter of democratic institutions.

      In this case, it is apparently not only contrary to US democratic values but also to those of other states that are impacted by US foreign policy decisions.

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