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Larry Rowe

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  • Top Ten Ways the US and Iran could avoid a Catastrophic War
    • The exact thing occurred to me as well. Of course the US/Hollywood is hardly prepared to make a movie depicting the real reason that many Iranians mistrust or hate America, they make a movie showing themselves to be the victims years later of the mistrust and hatred they themselves sowed 26 years before. Perhaps it is time Carter owned up to the actual reasons behind the 1979 Iranian student takeover of the US embassy, they were simply attempting to right a wrong.

  • Iraq: 92-Year-Old Iraqi Man marries 22-Year-Old Woman
    • Who am I to judge the culture or religion of other peoples? OK let me see, if I was at 60 years of age and wed a woman 70 years my junior, she wouldn't have been born yet. No problemo.

  • Detroit's Bankruptcy and America's Future: Robots, Race, Globalization and the 1%
    • Interestingly I came across this piece about the end of growth shortly after I posted here. It is hard to remain positive, optimistic, when things appear to be near careening, nearly out of control. A lot of what has to be changed will ironically be forced on us as a kind.

      link to

    • Unfortunately for such a 'socialist' vision for America to become reality there will have to be revolution, open rebellion. A system which is so corrupt that it rewards those who are directly responsible for the economic collapse of that system and then monitors and or imprisons those who dare speak out is governed by an elite, an oligarchy, with no scruples. An elite who will use all means at their disposal to maintain their hegemony. That elite does't give a rats ass what happens to Detroit and it's people, or the many other sacrifice zones and they're inhabitants, that they've created, that they've designated, for America. In the board rooms of America, America's average citizens are looked on as mindless consumers, as mere surfs to create more profit. An economic model which has perpetual growth as it's basis on a planet with finite resources is doomed to failure, to collapse, whether or not it is humans or robots in it's factories.

  • Pope Francis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Women's Equality: Why Must Religion be Patriarchal?
    • Simply a stark reminded that laws that were written back in the 6-7th century are hardly applicable today. I sure wouldn't want to have to live by those laws that existed in 6-7th century Britain, keeping in mind that Muslims at that time were more civilized than my Anglo ancestors.

      Even Baha'i Sharia laws that were written 150 years ago are no longer applicable today. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as documents such as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are far more enlightened charters for human social harmony and progress than any existing religious book of laws, thems the facts.

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