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  • Rebels Hold out in Zawiya, Eastern Ra's Lanuf as Libyan Civil War Unfolds
    • Why didn't aljazeera put things in context?
      Why was the video shown on aljazeera and circulated as soldiers executed by Gaddafi, for disobeying him to kill his people in Derna, was not put in perspective with an earlier interview they made with a libyan political activist from Derna? Everybody including the UN fallowed and walked around assuming it is Gaddafi who is responsible. The same is true for the burned bodies. Bellow is an interview on Feb 18 with Amer Saad a political activist from Derna. The link to full text from the Guardian is below.

      Amer Saad, a political activist from Derna, told al-Jazeera: "The protesters in al-Bayda have been able to seize control of the military airbase in the city and have executed 50 African mercenaries and two Libyan conspirators. Even in Derna today, a number of conspirators were executed. They were locked up in the holding cells of a police station because they resisted, and some died burning inside the building.
      "This will be the end of every oppressor who stands with Gaddafi. Gaddafi is over, that's it, he has no presence here any more. The eastern regions of Libya are now free regions. If he wants to reclaim it, he will need to bomb us with nuclear or chemical bombs. This is his only option. The people have stood and said they will not go back."
      Libya protests: massacres reported as Gaddafi imposes news blackout | World news | The Guardian

      This is the video. Most have seen it on aljazeera, if you have not please be careful watching it.

      YouTube - Libya : Soldiers Executed by Foreign African Mercenaries in Derna - Gaddafi Gang -

    • I watched the aljazeera Jacky rowland dramatic video in Ras Lanouff, and I can't but wonder what she meant by savage bombardment. The rebels were clearly roaming free on the streets with rocket launchers and mortars and we have seen that in many videos. If pro Gaddafi wanted to take them out, I don't see how they couldn't. Gaddafi look like he is defending the oil fields, would anyone expect him not to? Defending the oil field yes, but Savage, I didn't see that in this video or any other so far. Let us not forget that bombing civilians was rumored and believed turned out false.
      I don't know how you guys feel about this finding: "Bouckaert said Human Rights Watch has not confirmed a single instance a foreign mercenary having been brought in to fight in eastern Libya. He said many black men accused of being mercenaries are actually black Libyans or Africans who have been living in Libya for years"
      And: "Gheriani of the rebels' provisional government said, however, that he had been told that none of those captured were from other countries."
      Here is the article,
      link to

  • Popular Army to March on Tripoli, as Qaddafi Massacres Protesters
    • Excellent! If your voice was allowed to be heard from the beginning of the libyan rebellion, Libya with it's very large, very rich land, and very small population, would not have been a falling pray that everyone wants a bite of. Thank you.

    • And yes the sanctions are also aimed at Libya not just Gaddafi and family:
      Harper, Canada prime minister said he is following the steps of the united states and announced that Canada will go further, taking its own steps beyond what is called for in the resolution.Canada will impose an asset freeze and prohibit financial transactions with the government of Libya, its institutions and agencies, and the Libyan Central Bank.
      German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Monday he was proposing a 60-day freeze on all financial payments to Libya to prevent money from going to embattled leader Moammar Gadhafi. This payments just like Libyan central bank are not Gaddafi and family personal account and yes the Libyan will suffer.

    • The support for an interim government in Benghazi that the Libyan envoy to the US and the Libyan deputy secretary were asking the international comunity to recognize lead by the previous Libyan justice minister, and reports that Washington is already talking to them, made Hafiz Ghoga, the spokesman for the new National Libyan Council, or what is called ( the Libyan revolution face), that was launched in the eastern city of Benghazi, said the council was not an interim government and was not contacting foreign governments and did not want them to intervene.
      Ghoga said, "We will help liberate other Libyan cities, in particular Tripoli through our national army, our armed forces, of which part have announced their support for the people," but he did not give details about how the council would help.
      what is interesting though is that when i was listening to Aljazeers arabic, a top military officer in Benghazi made it clear that they will not be involved in attacks on Tripoli or any other cities in the west of the county, and as he put it, " we will not shed other Libyan blood." but they support "the revolution"
      It was amazing that also on Aljazeera Arabic, what looked like a small rank army officer that did not identify his name, was standing in front of a military compound that had missiles and saying, " see i am leaving and this compound with everything in it is in the hands of the revolution. meaning the rebels. The camera then turned to a man that covered his head with black, keeping his face, he said "now we have missiles" and tried to show what he called chemical weapons, saying it was directed by Gaddafi against them.
      Yesterday McCain and liberman went to Egypt and visited Tahrir square and they were launching a campaign to militarily aid "The Libyan revolution"

    • Actually the nature of these sanctions do hurt the libyan people. Aggression against he regime will only tightens the knot and will only lead Gaddafi to unleash more anger by telling him he can't escape and does have to stay and fight. And tell Libyans that the only way for them to get rid of him is to violently do that. They are killing any hope for peaceful resolution. The libyan like Egyptians want him out, and like the Egyptians that got rid of Mubarak first, now are freezing his accounts. and if they want to prosecute, they can do that. The sanctions are slippery slop and there are calls for economic sanction to fallow. His son was talking about stopping the fight, but these sanctions are encouraging the blood shed.

    • Gaddafi with all his nuttyness was right when he said this is to declare a separate state with Benghazi as capital.
      An interim government for Libya already in place lead by the ex-justice minister. How nice.. The provisional capital is Benghazi.
      Is this what the so called Libyan youth called for?
      Well, there is no need for the US to go to war anymore, it closed it's embassy in Tripoli before this declaration along with the British, I wonder if they started building new embassies in Benghazi, with a government in a box already in place and all!

    • When asked why didn't the US even consider sanctioning Bahrain when it drove in with it's tanks and fired indiscriminately on the unarmed protestors in pearl square while they were sleeping in their tents and after going to their homes capturing people that might be involved in stirring it up, the answer is that the Bahrain revolution is a Bourgeois revolution. sure, but the Libyan revolution although armed is a revolution that needs defending with sanctioning the country (the ordinary people), and with the help of the British, seizing the Billions if not hundred of billions that just like Iraq they won't to be able to account for all of it when asked, like the poor Iraqis did. So I am the United States and in the name of the peaceful youth arab revolutions, (and although this one in Libya is armed), I will seize everything that belong to the Libyan people, sanction them, and try to get a hold of their large reserve when I get to their country and just for you peaceful youth, I will privatize the sweetest oil in the world. Pssst.. Saudi Arabia and golf states, don't worry, I already sent my top military officer to assure you. Now all these western conspiracies that the arabs love can be put to rest, because as you see, I am defending this beautiful peaceful arab youth uprising. (Ok, this one is not really peaceful, but it's already lumped in there) so their, hallelujah, thank you Aljazeera and arab media for making my case, this lust for peaceful uprising is blinding. But don't worry Libyans, I am only sanctioning you and seizing what belongs to you, so I can send you humanitarian supplies when the interest accumulates enough, the united arab emirates are doing that now. This is Obama and Al-Salam Alikum.

    • Popular army and the media and cronies that were on Gaddafis side that jumped off the sinking ship into cosy London Washington and Paris homes are still calling this attacks on peaceful protests and urging the US to take military actions. And sure the united Nation is rallying along. To start with sanctions on Libya is actually against the people not the the regime, but it is a known building of case against Libya, and the leader is the US., Anyone in favor of that, is not taking a moral stand with the people because hey are the ones that are going to be lost and dead under the sanctions and later under the military foreign intervention. So for all these experts and defectors to call on the unarmed Libyans protestors to join the rebels and MARCH while sitting in their warm offices, is just not humane. No government will keep silent in the face of armed civilians/rebels. What the world is calling peaceful protests was turned into armed rebellion with military weapons at least as of feb 20 when they declared Benghazi liberated. The media is cheering an armed rebellion in the name of the mass peaceful demonstrations that swept the middle east. The Egyptians were in mass, mass demonstration and were not armed, and did not March towards Mubarak's daughter's home with arms. This is different and was different at least from day 4. Asking for unarmed civilians/protestors to join the armed ones is only good TV and will cause massive casualties and might lead to foreign military intervention and the only loss will be the people. The Gaddafi security forces would not have retreated if it wasn't for heavy arms, so the death is on both sides and the people that are dead on the streets and hospitals are from both sides. He didn't just have foreign mercenaries, if that what he had, him like Mubarak had police and security that were doing the killings too. The US and its media had started building the case for war, even a correspondent to CNN from the states department boldly said it, then CNN started trumpeting the war horn with Wesley Clark and Fouad Ajami pathetically arguing that what the US did with Iraq, it should do with Libya.

  • 90% of Libya in Rebel Hands
    • Reuters: "Serbian officials are denying reports that its pilots or ground crews had been involved in Libyan air force bombing missions against protesters, and said it was suspending all its arms exports to the country.
      by Allan Shifman at 9:04 AM"

      Isn't time for Mr. Dabbshi and everyone trying to get a no fly zone over Libya, in the name of protecting civilians, to stop being poppets and stop asking for an act of war? These still unfounded statements are already being used as facts to provoke a response. WE DON"T WANT ANYMORE WARS AND ANYONE ASKING FOR ANY KIND OF FOREIGN MILITARY INTERVENTION DOES NOT REPRESENT THE WILL OF PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE EAS. WE CAN GET RID OF OUR OWN DICTATORS. ENOUGH!

    • Isn't that great? The democratic government that Bush supported had arrested a reporter yesterday that was calling for more protestors on the streets of Bagdad on Friday. Is the US government going to call Al-Maliki to release him as it did for Aljazeera reporters that were arrested by Mubarak? Or this is a personal thing since that this reporter is the one that threw his shoe at president Bush?

    • It is amazing that the Libyan Deputy secretary to the united nation now is saying that Gaddafi used Serbian and Ukrainian pilots to bomb Libyans and asking for no fly zone over Libya. He did not provide any any prove but he said he is sure. What kind of representative of the Libyan people is he? . Keep in mind he is even jumping over the head of the Libyan secretary to the UN himself and disagreeing with him. He should fired him for speading rumors that Serbians pilots are involved in Bombing Libyans. How stupid does this poppet think we are?
      Libyans in Benghazi talked to Ben Weidamen and they themselves said they were not bombed but afraid because they heard he used it in Tripoli. Honestly, do Gaddafi and his sons think they can smell the !30 billion dollars that are in foreign banks if they bomb their own people? And Switzerland already froze their accounts.
      It shameful and nauseating that this man, without providing any prove, would spread to Libyans and the world these kind of unfounded and baseless rumors and jeopardizes the lives of 5 million Libyans.

  • 30% of Libya in Hands of Youth Movement
    • No, he is always like that. This might be considered a short one. He competes with Castro and Shavez for a bottle of tequila. And no, it doesn't sound as bad in arabic. I heard couple before, not until the end, but this one is an SNL hit.

  • Qaddafi's Bombardments Recall Mussolini's
    • The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi when asked if he talked to Gaddafi said that his friend Gaddafi has a lot on his hand right now and doesn't want to disturb him. Between not disturbing a friend while he is protecting your 32% share of oil and don't disturb your enemy while it is destroying itself, the only lost will be libyan lives.

  • The Gates of Hell Have Opened in Tripoli
    • I have listened to all the ambassadors that gave interviews and not one had asked the united states to interfere. If anyone ever does, he has amnesia. You might have heard united nations not united states. They and all Arabs witnessed what you are calling liberty guiding foreign policy looked like in Iraq. You evidently did not, and does not know that it had caused the lives of hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, still does. The past is still present and cannot be deleted from minds so fast. It's now being used by other authoritarian regimes to scare their people. Arabs remember Iraq more than Serbia. I am afraid you are wrong.

    • Although this would be using disproportionate force but from what we know so far, this doesn't seem to be a peaceful uprising like Tunisia and Egypt, at least some elements in it. Trying to storm a military compound at night is not peaceful.
      And I love Aljazeera, but today I watched the arabic version and did think it was irresponsible to have on for hours, a guest Libyan journalist that was literally trying to incite the protestors to topple Gaddafi by force. He was saying that Gaddafi and his sons are going to be killed and encouraged the protestors to go to his palace.
      Also, did any one find it odd that these terrible pictures of charcoal bodies actually had military uniforms that were not burned or changed color? It was said that they were military killed for joining the people. A black mercenary was also shot in the chest, but why would the regime kill its own mercenaries too?

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