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  • Feinstein: Senate Intel Committee May Investigate CIA Targeting of Cole
    • Don't count on Diane Feinstein for anything. She's a Defense Dept. lobbyist posing as a politician. If the military invites her to review the troops, she forgets everything else she was doing and checks her make-up.

      But she's not alone. The military junta that rules the US can get Congress to vote any way it wants by just threatening to withdraw contracts or shut down bases in their districts. Remember Iran-Contra when Congress tried to defund an illegal war? Remember when the Pentagon lost, mislaid, or otherwise couldn't account for $2.3 trillion? No investigation was forthcoming, no heads rolled, nobody was punished, fired, or demoted, and the defense budget has continued to expand in subsequent years without any regard for accountability whatsoever. Our elected officials can no more hold the ruling military junta accountable than we can hold our elected officials accountable.

      Ben Franklin outright lied. He knew darned well that there was nothing in the Constitution that would allow us to hold our representatives accountable, that therefore we would not be able to exercise our will through them, and that therefore the Constitution had established neither a democracy nor a republic, but a plutocracy. When he withheld the anti-slavery petition he'd been sent to the Constitutional Convention to present, so as not to offend the slave states, it was clear that his priority was ratification, not democracy.

  • Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman
    • Awww.....that last picture is so precious....two of the nation's most honored Vice-Presidential candidates, and had John McCain or Al Gore been elected, each of them would have been a hair's breadth from the Presidency. I can't see any difference between Lieberman trying to help Sarah Palin become Vice-President, or his own efforts to become Vice-President. There's a difference between the Democratic and Republican parties, and it can be measured by the distance between Lieberman and Palin in the photo.

  • 5000 Birds fall out of Sky in Arkansas
    • Does DRC-1339 kill fish?

    • Yup, thought so. Birds AND fish dead in Arkansas:

      link to

      Another coincidence, if you look at the comments, "fahrer" notes that, "....Beebe, AR, where the birds fell, is around 50 miles from the Pine Bluff Arsenal, where ABC 'weapons' were manufactured and stored until the end of 2010."

      Since it was only one kind of bird and one kind of fish, it could be a species-specific toxin, except that birds and fish are different species, so that's at least two toxins, if that's what it was.

    • Uh, SPYDER, why is it that you don't think that thousands of birds and fish dropping dead IS "something drastic and horrific?" Because they're only birds and fish?

    • Thousands of dead fish in the Mississipi River, thousands of dead birds in Arkansas--if we were coal miners, I'd say that our canary has just dropped dead.

  • Looking for PETN, Scanning Grandma at the Airport, and the Future of Air Travel
    • How much PETN is needed to bring down a plane?

      If it is a tiny enough amount that it could be implanted into a 3-year-old girl's bare leg without leaving a visible bump, a silicon ball full of it could be easily substituted for a ball in an adult scrotum sac. 'We're sorry Sir, but the your left testicle appeared blurred in the scanner picture and the pat-down was inconclusive, so we're going to have to remove it. You have the option of requesting a private room, but that could delay your departure time. It's up to you.'

      The TV reporter who filmed as his daughter was molested by TSA said that he understood the need for security. So I guess he's had thoughts of rebellion himself in the past, and thinks that some other successful middle- or upper-class white guy like him might act on such thoughts, implant explosives into their toddler, and turn themself, their wife, and their kid into suicide bombers.

      Maybe it's reasonable. Maybe a few establishment types are getting fed up with torture, police brutality, spending millions to pay the Taliban to protect our fuel trucks while using drones to kill innocent Afghan women and children, trying to help support a dozen relatives whose jobs were outsourced, pensions stolen, and homes foreclosed, while worrying that the same thing could happen to you next......maybe the sheeple are so angry that they believe that somebody ELSE (not them, of course) might act on that anger. So they submit to TSA to prevent that somebody ELSE from acting on the anger that they themselves feel. It's an endless loop. The more angry people become, the more willing they are to submit to indignities to prevent others from acting on similar anger. So the more repression we're subjected to, the more submissive we become.

      Me, I stopped flying back when they started the no-fly list. Yes, that's really my name, and no, I'm not a thousand other people with the same name, but I don't really want to bother having to prove it every time I fly.

  • Americans are always Shouting About Religion But Don't Know Much About It
    • And we non-voters know more about how our political system works than voters do, but that's one survey Pew isn't going to do.

      We invested the time and energy to research how our system works because we cared, and we learned that there is no way to ensure that our votes are counted, that the person with the most votes doesn't necessarily win, and that once people are in office, which is the only time that they're supposed to represent us, we have no way to hold them accountable and have to wait until the next rigged election to try to replace them--in the meantime they can cause irreparable harm like killing millions of innocents and wrecking our economy.

      Of course, just as evangelists describe unbelievers as bound for hell, political party hacks describe nonvoters as apathetic.

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