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  • Bill Nye Science Guy to Debate GOP Rep Gohmert on Gravity
    • At the heart of the debate mechanism is that the right wing is intent on defining and redifining (i.e. owning) the terms. I looked for that in this satire (funny, by the way) but didn't see it. A "theory" in common parlance is indeed, "just" some opinion. The common parlance usage doesn't even come up to the scientific definition of:
      1) hypothesis - a formal speculation with a means of testing it
      2) theory - a well tested and (so far) the absolute best explanation available
      Theories are always, in science, challengeable, as a means to assure us that we are always trying to get the best explanations for x, y and z based on the latest knowledge.
      That is real faith, the faith in the method to keep proving or improving our knowledge.

      Faith, as we usually think of it, hasn't the faith in itself, to challenge its own tenets. That is because these are merely statements, claims, without verifiable evidence.

      In other words, the only way faith can participate in any such debates is to cheat, and lie and to create rules which allow only these superstitious and primitive claims. When you base all your claims on lies, that is all you have.

  • Syrian Revolutionaries Continue Damascus Operations as Bashar takes to Airwaves
    • There usually seem to be two main scripts for end-of-regime times:
      1 - leave/flee, generally with help/strong-urging of a newly ex-friended power
      2 - keep denials going until the rebels break into the palace and slaughter the ruler and (if a possible dynasty) all the ruler's family.

      So far, it looks as though Assad will go with main script number 2. I am guessing the rebels would really like to get their hands on his wife for her "shopping" ways. She seems to be even more tone deaf than he does and I doubt they would spare her. 50/50 on whether they would kill the son to avoid his return as a third Assad ruler at some time in the future, assuming he was kept there and not moved.

      It all could have been avoided had Assad allowed room to just listen and show his concern in helpful actions. It began so gradually, in bits and pieces of pushing, to oppression and injuries to killings. Violence fueling violence.

      Once the rebels do manage to take over they will probably fight amongst themselves. Anymore the "scripts" seem predictable, not unlike some old television program you used to watch which looks like a parody of itself now but kept you on the edge of your seat way back then (I'm thinking of Mission Impossible, Hawaii 5-O, etc.). Only real life is neither parody nor a script-controlled entertainment, especially not for those killed in the conflict.

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