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  • Why they Hate us: Romney Secretly Plots to Screw Palestinians over Again
    • Another great article. And yet, I don't see Obama open to a reasonable solution, either. Pardon my cynicism, but both parties are in the pocket of AIPAC and other pro-Israeli special interest groups - and until we get leadership that isn't, I don't believe that a just resolution is realistic. With Obama bursting at the seams to wage war on Iran, I just don't see him doing a complete about-face on Israel, holding them to UN resolutions of which they are in violation (have been for over 40 years, in fact), reviewing the legality of Camp David and Oslo accords, and giving the Palestinian people a state.

  • Obama Plays Hardball and Egypt's Morsi Folds
    • Interesting - I was not sure that it was a gaffe, it seemed like a very bold thing to say on broadcast, something that I feared would spark more civil unrest in Cairo or Egypt at large.

      I apologize for getting somewhat off-topic here, but I was wondering if you could shed some light on why Sudan is attacking the German Embassy? I have been puzzled by this move and, while the mainstream media is blaming this video, I am inclined to believe otherwise. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

  • Romney Poses, as Militants Burn Benghazi Consulate, killing Ambassador, 3 staffers, & Demonstrate in Cairo, over Islamophobic Film
    • So, by your logic, then the Obama administration should be held accountable for the shooting-up at the Sikh temple?

    • Digbydoben: But the Republicans (well, at least Mitt and his troop of clowns) have already shot themselves in the foot on the merits of their own stupidity. Isn't it more important for the world to see the President as a little more level-headed than the GOP, especially since the world is (rightly) furious at our foreign policy? We cannot let the GOP, extreme as it is, to dictate the standard by which we conduct foreign policy, if only for the simple reason that Mitt clearly has neither any understanding of history nor the slightest grasp on foreign policy.

    • Thank you for writing this piece, Juan. This has been the most level-headed piece I've read so far this morning. Your comparison of the small extremist factions in the ME with the KKK/neo-nazi groups here in the US is appropriate, and I truly hope it sheds light on the situation for many Americans oblivious to the real demographic structure of the region. :)

    • Agreed whole-heartedly.

    • Really? With what - more drones that will target the extremists but accidentally kill innocents? An all-out war on Libya - whose extremism was once supported by our own government? I think that taking pause and assessing the situation with more gravitas (ie, who is really at fault - the MP/police force for instigating the violence?), and showing the world that, for once, we can react to a truly complex situation like responsible grown-ups.

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