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  • Obama to Netanyahu: Israel faces Int'l Sanctions over "Permanent Occupation of West Bank"
    • Priscilla Williams 03/05/2014 at 9:37 pm

      There is a new website, Mythopedia", a project of Media Matters for America. I hope to see information about Palestine in the search engine. As you say, more people are now able to see what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. If we could get interested people to contribute to Mythopedia it would add another source for the truth about the lives of Palestinians and need for the US to stop enabling Israel with our huge monetary support.

  • The Crimean Crisis and the Middle East: Will Syria & Iran be the Winners?
    • Do you agree with Timothy Snyder (please see comments below)?

      "This revolution was started by a Muslim civil society activist. It has ended with a Jew as prime minister of the country. Along the way, Ukrainians, but also Russians, Belarussians, Armenians, Poles, others, have taken risks and died. This was a popular revolution, which included all kinds of people from all over the country, most of them ordinary people. And it’s resulted in the possibility of pushing Ukraine forward towards what Ukrainians themselves actually want, which is a rule-of-law society. It seems that rather than being distracted by our slightly self-obsessed notions of how we control or don’t control everything, we should pay more attention to the actual political progress that has been made and then defend the very standard and normal standards of international law. That part isn’t very complicated." TIMOTHY SNYDER link to

  • Top Five Differences between Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Miley Cyrus
    • "Usually, if we hate, it is the shadow of the person that we hate, rather than the substance. We may hate a person because he reminds us of someone we feared and disliked when younger; or because we see in him some gross caricature of what we find repugnant in ourself; or because he symbolizes an attitude that seems to threaten us." Sydney J. Harris

  • Protests and the Trayvon Martin Foundation: "Trayvon is Down but we're Rising Up"
    • Priscilla Williams 07/21/2013 at 8:48 pm

      "When the createdness of the other person is not viewed as necessary as our own—then there is no reason (beyond expediency) to treat the other as a person. All injustice and cruelty come, basically, from this distorted view of reality.”
      ― Sydney J. Harris

  • Syria, NSA Spying, Popular Mobilization and History: Cole Interview in La Prensa (Ricky Martinez)
    • Priscilla Williams 06/18/2013 at 3:29 pm

      Re importance of international law. A Quaker was asked why he continued to be against war when war seems to be inevitable. He replied: Imagine yourself trying to hit an archery target that is 200 feet away for the first time. You can tell yourself that you have no chance of hitting the target and instead send your arrows into the trees. Or, you can aim at the target and over time get closer to the bulls eye.

      Also, he mentioned that people are not yet very good at peace.

  • Top Ten Ways the US Government will Smear, Slight Whistleblower Edward Snowden
    • Priscilla Williams 06/11/2013 at 10:19 pm

      Professor Cole,
      One advantage of massive data mining is that it increases the liklihood the government will find something to talk about (continuously, on all commercial networks) that is supposedly a terrorist plot. This scare talk advances the alleged need to give the defense department more money, to crank up our weapons factories to make more weapons and more money, and to give the congress cover to continue the spying on Americans. I'm in favor of re-tooling all of our weapons manufacturing plants. They need to produce energy-saving products, not weapons to sell to other countries to be used to kill our men and women in uniform.

  • Imran Khan Protest Convoy Against US Drones Heads toward Waziristan, Pakistan
    • Looking back at the period before presidential elections, I see that some changes are made by the President in order to increase his changes of re-election. We have a great many people who are against using drones. Do you think President Obama may be forced to at least reduce the use of drones?

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