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  • Videos on the Present and Past of Chechnya
    • I think we should make a distinction here, these guys were not Chechen youth, they were American youth of Chechen ethnicity.

  • Putin, Pussy Riot, Hooliganism and the Syrian Bloodbath
    • Thank you for this, i find those in the West complaining about Putin to either have selective Amnesia, down right ignorant or just being totally unrealistic.
      We had absolutely no problem supporting the drunk, incompetent Yeltsin for a decade while he ran Russia to the ground and stole an election. Yet we act surprised when the Russians decide they don't like being humiliated and Put a strongman like Vladimir in power.
      Lets be honest the only reason the establishment does not like Putin is because he is not a weak, pathetic leader that will allow his country to be ravaged.

    • How any countries has Vladimir Putin invaded without warrant or provocation???

    • Professor Cole,

      With all due respect i disagree with your analysis, first and foremost whether we like it or not Putin is the most trusted, respected and popular leader in Russia right now. All poles, both internally and externally support this assertion. So we may call him names but the facts are the fact, majority of the Russian people want him just where he is. But this is not a debate about Putin and i will leave it at that for now.
      On to the Pussy Riot clowns, i am sorry but i have zero sympathy for these women. I myself have no particular religious convictions. In fact i think they are all fairy-tales and not particularly interesting ones at that. That being said, people should have the right to practice their religion in peace. These foolish women should have taken their protest somewhere else. They had no right to interrupt Sunday mass to spew their nonsense ( in which majority of Russians do not even agree with). The law is the law and they broke it, we may not like Russian law but the fact of the matter is that is their law.

  • Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
    • Prof. Cole, its like you took the words out of my head point for point. However try arguing the above point with the average American ( and see how far that gets you). And of course our so called intellectuals ( like Sam Harris) will completely ignore this and continue their inane and illogical attack on Muslims ( mainly the moderates since extremists couldn't give a damn what anyone thinks).Not that Islam ( or more precisely the extremist element) in general is not deserving of a lot of blame but the across the board collective guilt tripping is particularly sickening.
      My only question is how many Random incidents by so called "gunmen" (i.e white terrorists), need to occur before they are labeled plain old "terrorist"?

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