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  • Cole Interview: Bin Laden an Utter Failure
    • Right, UBL has caused political and moral havoc in the U.S., which continues and will not end in the foreseeable future, if ever. At most, the man UBL has come to an end.

  • Obama and the End of Al-Qaeda
    • By the way, I want to add that your more personal account of events is moving. May the U.S. recognize Palestine!

    • Why on earth would non-U.S. people in other countries want to wave U.S. flags anyway? May they have peace and freedom, which they will only ever achieve by waving their own flags.

  • Israeli Soldiers' Brutality at Prison Camp for Palestinians
    • No, of course not. But now you even have to pay for the story which isn't there.

  • Egypt's Ruling Party Dissolved
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Arabs Protest their Governments
  • Libya Threatens Mediterranean Planes, Ships if Attacked
    • Qaddafi announces a ceasefire! The fox. But then he has hardly any other choice. Is the opposition allowed now to fight on to destroy him and his cronies? And is he supposed to turn the other cheek and go down in a loving gush of nonviolence like his adversaries at home and abroad would never do themselves? The politicians' plan is, of course, regime change but everyone is to cowardly to say it openly. Sarkozy now has his little war to boost his political fortunes. Cameron's game may be a bit less obvious. As ever, Obama's is totally opaque. Has the 'international community' hired the Libyan rebels to destroy Qaddafi? There are enough tricks and ruses and deceits here to embarrass Machiavelli. Another war has begun as the Saudis take care of matters on the other side of the region.

  • Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman
  • Palin Borrows 'Blood Libel' from Israeli Far Right
    • I have a question about the meaning and use of the term Zionism. I recall that in the sixties, when I grew up in New Jersey, Zioism referred exclusively to people who advocated a Greater Israel and had no tolerance or concern for Palestinians. Among my many Jewish friends, liberal and secular, Zionism was a no-no, extreme, bigoted. Nowadays it seems to have evolved into an 'elegant variant' of pro-Israeli. Am I mistaken? If not, did the change occur in the US or Israel or in tandem in both countries (e.g. AIPAC, Likud, etc.)?

  • Wikileaks: Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza
    • And it took a Norwegian(!) newspaper to reveal this information. A curious lack of references to Israel in the cables---at least up to now---has been noted by some observers. Can anyone imagine the NYTimes getting this out? No. The geographical and cultural disconnect between an upstate New York congressional district and its congresswoman (Gillibrand) and the people of Gaza cannot be reconciled. What does she know about or have to do with Gaza? Not much except for her politics and her country's morbid obsession with Israel. The fate of the Palestinian peolpe of Gaza and the West Bank is in her hands---literally. Does she realize that? Probably not. And in the hands of the entire US Congress. After all these years there can be little hope that the US would become compassionate and fair.

  • Top Ten Middle East Challenges for U.S. Policy, 2011
    • Have Giuliani, Townsend, Ridge, et al. been detained at the US border upon their return from promoting the Mujahedine Khalq for 'palling around with terrorists'? No, of course not, they're patriots. If I'm not mistaken, the Mujahedine Khalq was despised and persecuted by the Shah, not that in itself would be reason to reject the organization as the Shan tolerated no one except himself. These influential Republicans know they're playing a losing card. What's the objective and game plan? They must also know that few people in Iran will be especially happy to cooperate with this organization. Confusion and chaos have become Republican virtues at home and abroad.

  • Obama Should Let the UN apply Economic Sanctions to Israel
    • We might call this symmetrical justice. Isn't it after all the Security Council that established Israel? Or am I wrong? Anyway, your suggestion will never happen. Obama seems not especially interested in helping or dealing with the Palestinians directly, really empowering them, and evidently prefers to go 'through' Israel, which includes the AIPAC, an annex of the Israeli government. His view of the situation is limited, parochial, US politics as usual, plain and simple. The Palestinians are one bridge too far. You're right, he'll get burned by US Likud backers, whether Jewish or Christian.

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