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  • The Tunisian Achievement
    • I hope the US and Europe do not "pull out all the stops" to "help" Tunisia. The only "help" they seem capable of providing is economic colonialism, on-going economic exploitation.

      I just returned from being an international election observer. Democracy is alive and well in Tunisia. Very impressive.

  • Why Tunisia's Transition to Democracy is Succeeding while Egypt Falters
    • Glad to hear more on Tunisia. We hear about Egypt, and now a lot about Syria, but not a lot about Tunisia and even less about Libya.

      The Arab uprising will take a variety of forms and will evolve over decades.

      I would like to know more about the influence of Western economic and political power. I am sure they are doing a lot more-or-less behind the scenes to maintain their neo-liberal control.

  • Karzai Wishes he had Joined Taliban
    • RAISER William 12/14/2010 at 9:36 am

      Perhaps it's time we listened to Holbrooke's last words: Time to get out of Afghanistan.

      Time to recognize that we ARE the enemy. That Karzai understands that.

  • The Rumors of Multiculturalism's death Are Exaggerated (Against Merkel)
    • I find your article, and others like it, dismissing serious questions all to flippantly.

      I think the situation in Germany, as well as France, the US and many, many other countries today raises questions that can not be so easily dismissed. How DO we create multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual societies? What rights does a nation have to demand certain changes in those who chose (are not forced) to live in a country other than their own, e.g., language, clothing, customs?

      True, politicians all too often use such issues for political advantage rather than trying to discover ways to create meaningful societies in a more global and mobile world. We all too often play on the fear of the other, but how do we first tolerate and then embrace and celebrate other-ness?

      I am excited by the experiment to create unity in diversity that is the stated goal of the Union European. We're feeling our way and have a LONG way to go, but we are moving in positive directions. Our ability to go farther will depend on serious dialog not fear mongering on the one hand or flippant dismissal on the other.

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