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  • Palestine Pres. Abbas will urge Int'l Boycott of Israel if US vetoes UN Resolution
    • As usual. Some flagrant stupidities never, ever end!

    • Abbas is using the threat of going to the ICC regarding the vicious war crimes in order to, hopefully move forward with kicking the thieving Israelis out and going back to the pre-1967 borders.

  • US strikes ISIL oil fields in Quest to Defund it: But will it Replace oil with Fracking?
    • How is ISIS able to make money off of oil when we can block countries from selling oil? How much environmental damage is created by bombing oil facilities? Where's the money for oil come from? Can't the movement of money be stopped? How is the oil delivered? Ships. pipelines ?

  • The Arab Political Crisis: It isn't a Matter of Civilization and it isn't Unique
    • I disagree for the most part. The ME is mostly not turmoil from within but turmoil from without as the US/Nato countries batter and bash throughout the ME since the 1940' with blind racism, imperialist powers and corporate military out. US crises: Iran 1953 to 1979; Iraq 1958 to 1993 - Iraq War 1 - Iraq War 2 -- all the war crimes -- now Iraq war 3. ; Libya - a country doing quite well for its people taken out by US including the mercenaries armed by US from Mali; 1981 Reagan and vp Bush give gas weapons material and how-to Iraq invading Iran; Syria - a classic CIA/psy-ops operation. Yemen -- US drone attacks and support of a cruel regime. Support for Saudi Arabia. Support Egypt Mubarak the for the coup and now a ruthless military dictatorship; drone bombing in Somalia, Pakistan etc

    • I totally agree except! The greatest cause of turmoil in the ME, seems to me, to be the covert actions and the wars caused both directly and indirectly by the USA and the UK primarily.
      UK, as a colonizer was perhaps the most arrogant and the most racist of all colonizers out of Europe.
      But the modern day cycles of violence are definitively the actions of the USA along with its NATO belligerents.
      Iran was having its oil virtually stolen be the UK and then the coup of a democratic Iran in 1953 following with a covert occupation of Iran until the Iranian Revolution Of 1979. Still the US and friends beat upon Iran every day.
      Iraq has been put to ruins by war after war by the USA etc and it's embargoes on necessary drugs. Still Iraq is shut down by US wars now instigated covertly upon Syria.
      USA and friends took out Libya that was a good place to live until they did that for American Interests.
      Israel gets $3B a year from the USA and does as it pleases in the West bank and murders in the Gaza attacks.
      Egypt, long with Mubarak US backed Dictatorship and now with the military dictatorship.
      The American news is full of these stories and they always blame someone else.
      Don't forget Afghanistan and the creating, by the US, if the Soviet invasion when the US created al Qaeda telling them they would have the CIA help them kick out the Soviets when the opposite was true. Then the hunting for Osama bin Laden (never charged with 9/11, never on the FBI wanted list for 911) created the next long long war in Afghanistan and infecting Pakistan and followed by the illegal drone murders.
      Now Yemen is up more than usual and likely because of the US drone striKes there and a bad government also US supported.

      So the rogue nation is the biggest offender of peace and cultural change in the ME.

  • Changing US-Iran Relations: Kerry: Iran has a Role in Defeating ISIL Militants
    • Kerry and his meaningless spouts of pure idiocy. Of course Iran has a role to play but certainly not one prescribed by the US. In my view, Iran ought to defend it's own borders and the hell with the nonsense coming out of US mouthpieces and warmongering.
      Actually, the US owes Iraq many billions of dollars for the trouble they've caused with their infantile 'thinking'.

      It owes Libya many billions for it's interdiction and creation of a war internal to Libya and stealing away the wealth that was in the population of Libya as well as in the oil now thieved by the corporation interests of the US and friends.

      The USA owes Syria huge because its self evident that Syria, though having some demonstrations, was politically more sound that the US is when we judge by demonstrations and heavy-handedness by the police.

      The problem with the West is that they blame the Arab peoples when the fault is not the Arabs but the situations created by US interests.

  • Climate Change: Neoliberal Capitalism is Fundamentally at War with Life on Earth (Naomi Klein)
    • Whether you call it neo-Liberalsim or money hungry brutalism our planet is at risk and our children will have a much changed planet by 2050 and our grandchildren a brutal planet by the turn of the century.
      I know only one MP here (Canada) that pushes to defend against climate change. The PM is an anti-Science ***

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