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  • "Kuwait Stock Exchange" (Andreas Gursky Photograph)
    • The contrasting images of the Chicago Board of Trade are interesting, not because it is contradictory but because though it cosmetically looks extremely different the competitive nature of societal greed is probably nearly identical, as is the ruthlessness of their interactions. East = West when it comes to money.

  • Top Ten Most Distasteful things about Romney Trip to Israel
    • Romney is a political prostitute, though I'm sure you already know that. I don't say this with any affinity towards Obama because my critique of any individual is based on their personal loyalty to the truth and their propensity towards hypocrisy when it suits them.

      Romney is in a unique position in that I don't think even he knows what the hell he actually thinks.

      He is a dedicated supporter of Zionism, not because it means anything to him, but because that is the platform his think-tanks have told him will maximize his chances towards the white house. Accordingly, he will distance himself from anyone who poses a threat to that political position, and it is both predictable and obvious.

      You seem offended and/or surprised by this empty vessel, or maybe you just want to share your distaste so that more people get to know the truth. I find that's a steep hill to try to climb.

  • "Dubai World III" (Gursky Photograph)
    • Dubai is a strange city. It's like a three layered world, with the rich at the top, the locals in the middle, and the foreign workers at the bottom. This would have been a beautiful marvel of creation, but like the other grandiose creations in Dubai it has little soulful purpose.

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