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  • United States, Israel opposed Mandela, supported Apartheid
    • Jen What this article calls sabotage was 57 bombings.

      And what is 57 bombings in a war in which blacks were being sprayed with anthrax and nerve gas. what is 57 bombs (mostly home made) when the apartheid regime wraught havoc in much of southern africa through its version of SAS whose damaging effects are still being felt to this day? after all, the man who tried sabotage only resorted to such when negotiation or peaceful demonstration was being met with brutal force? in all southern african countries under apartheid, this was the story. the oppressed racially discriminated blacks tried dialogue. all they met was violence and incacerations. how were they expected to react? you must really believe whites have the right to rule no matter whose country it is. fortunately for africans and mandela, africa is forever. the boers had the chance to rule a country in harmony with the indegenous people, through rabid racism they botched it. now is only the time for orbituaries of lands lost!
      the article as far as south africa is concerned is facctually spot on.

    • I saw Israeli soldiers on patrol with my own eyes in rural nothern zimbabwe (then rhodesia) in 1978. The three countries (Rhodesia, South Africa and Israel) were a formidable threesome in defending apartheid - spawned in south africa but avidly practiced in rhodesia and south west africa too. they foutfought in rhodeasia . they sure as hell fought in south africa as well and were send by their government to ostensibly fight against the communists. who doesnt know that both south africa(read south west africa too) and rhodesia managed to bust sanctions through israel?

      and if anyone doubts apartheid was much more than a south african bound thing read:
      link to

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