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  • A century on, Balfour Declaration still colonizes Palestinians' everyday lives
    • Wow Juan:

      No comments. No one understands how to use a rule and draw a line in the Middle East and create countries? Kind of sad . . .

  • Leading Democrats Are Way Behind the Public on Health Care
    • The issue always has been, always has been, always has been the control of the rising cost of the commercial healthcare industry and the service for fees business model. Nothing in Conyers's bill or any other bill speaks to that issue. It is just assumed the same as I have written multiple times on Angry Bear.

      For every simple sentence written on Conyers's bill, there will be multiple pages detailing the sentence as written by Congress. Insurance is not your problem. The commercial healthcare industry and the service for fees business model is the problem.

    • Bob:

      You are correct on keeping ESI. It will not happen. Neither will a guarantee of controlling healthcare costs if it is not written into the law.

  • Stop Saying 'If X fired Rockets at U.S.': It's Racist, & assumes we're Colonial
    • Hi Juan:

      I argued this at Slate years ago when they had a BOTF then and we were free to write and post essays of sorts and not limited to comments.

      Firing rockets and artillery into the Gaza is a sure thing to cause death and destruction as the ~1.7 million in population occupies an ~140 square miles of land. It is akin to going to fish at a fish farm knowing you will always get at least one. Think 12,000 people per square mile if all of Gaza was inhabited.

      I agree with you take on this.

  • Release the Entire Torture Report!
    • Juan:

      When I start to read you on Crooks and Liars, that is notable. Good post on Corey.

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