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Russell Scott Day

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  • Surprise! It was a War Crime
    • I had at the time determined that we needed an effective truthful United Nations Television Channel so as to provide the facts to those who watched television the way most people do.
      I had this point added to the Points for Reinvention of the UN after initiating correspondence with Andre`Lewin then, Chairman of the French UN Association.
      Those who own the television airwaves, that mental landscape control what happens.
      It became obvious that there are too many nations in the UN membership who reject the threats that true TV represent.

  • What Would Trump Fascism Look Like? Eight Most Likely Traits
    • While sane people cannot imagine Donald Trump becoming Honorable Excellency President of the United States, the Democratic Party's insistence on putting the Clintons up against him creates doubt, when there is no doubt Sanders would win. Sanders can easily take Trump votes, whereas the Clintons cannot. Now that there is no reasonable basis for trust in US Financial characters or laws, it has put Fiat Currency to the test. Only the failures of the ECB have kept the Euro down. All that matters now is military might to enforce the position of the Currency. The Saudi threat of dumping US Securities was of interest. With Trump in the office and really to some extent the Clintons back in the WH, the great wounded bleeding thing that the US has become will appear weak from stupidity and will be attacked first from the cybersphere, and where ever the weakness is most glaring.

  • Pyrrhic Victory? As Iraq rolls back Daesh, can it stay together as a Country?
    • Yeah, like the C.S.A. from Monument Row in Richmond, Va and on down where statues to C.S.A. heroes stand to tell all yankees to leave or be wary of stepping on any of the locals "customs" "heritage" or "culture".

  • Shock & Awe In Syria: It never Works
    • There are ways to win wars that haven't changed for a long time. Professional soldiers are taught how at West Point, and in other War Colleges. Airpower supports Tanks corps, Artillery supports both the Tanks and the infantry, but a won war looks like boots on the ground that control violence there, as gendarmes apply civil policing. Turkey and Syria are involved in buying oil from ISIL, are they not? As a person who sees the US as involved whether it likes it or not, with allies it likes and doesn't, at the least I would say it appears it is easier to bomb than end the oil sales, from which money is made to finance the opposing forces.

  • The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch
    • What airpower is available to the Iraq government? What uses has it been put to? In Afghanistan it seemed that they didn't have pilots and had sent money down a corruption rat hole that was intended for airpower. If legal hashish was showing in Washington and Colorado for Afghani forces protecting women, wow, that would be unusually nice. The NYC pot market is one that would pay for a Falcon 50 run back and forth in my fantasies. But what about atom bombs? where was I?

    • From here I regard the destruction sad for humanity is defined by its art more than its weaponry. But here in the US I want to see Monuments to and of the CSA knocked over and blood patina painted. Transcendia as a nation of airports is against WMDs so suicide bombing threats mean that side that uses that tactic is to be attacked above or below ground for international security. Such is it all that allies are necessary.

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