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  • How Trump's Jerusalem Move Just Helped Iran Win the Mideast
    • What are Israel's end goals?

      => A "pure" Jewish nation from the Jordan River to the Med sea?

      To do that they ONLY have a few options . . .

      (1) Pay to go - "incentivize" all the non-Jews in "Israel" to go someplace else. This would require trillions of dollars which Israel does not have and no country, not even the USA, will be willing to provide. Nor would any country be willing to accept millions of humans even if they had some money.

      (2) Round up the usual suspects (non-Jews) - Forcibly drive the non-Jews out to some place else,. But where? No country will take millions of poor people when they already have lots of poor.

      (3) Cage them up - This just delays the inevitable explosion because humans do not like to be oppressed and will rebel no matter how brutal the oppression is and when they explode Israel may not survive.

      (4) kill them all - outright genocide may work a little, but people that are waiting to die tend to be very willing to die while killing their oppressors. Again Israel would probably not survive.

      If Israelis are willing to mix groups, sharing the land in a cooperative way would work, but the land would not be Jewish, just another country with very large Jewish and Muslim groups.

      => reestablish the temple?

      While Israel can indeed scrape the top of temple mount and build a new temple, the consequences for Israel would be catastrophic. Israel would essentially be committing suicide.

      While the Israelis consider themselves to be "great warriors," the reality is they are NOT. Most nations on earth now have access to similar weapons and training meaning that if Israeli's opponent has more human cannon fodder, Israel will lose.

      6 million Israelis against 1.6 billion Muslims is not a fight Israelis can win.

      The bottom line is NONE of the goals that Israelis appear to have for the area are realistic and trying to make them happen will lead to Israel's destruction.

  • Israel can't Afford to Lose Jews Like Me
    • What is your end-game? Does the constant escalation of Israeli violence solve anything?

      As for minimizing the missiles coming from Gaza, that is easy:

      - Stop the Gaza blockade. Open a Gaza port and rebuild the Gaza airport.

      - Remove all the settlers form the West Bank.

      - Set definite borders for Israel so settlers know they will not be Israelis unless they live inside the Israel borders.

      - Treat non-Israelis the same as Israelis

      - Sign the 11 year old Arab Peace Plan.

      The bottom line is Israel can EITHER . .

      - give up lots of land, water, cash (for compensation) and apologies for invading the ME, or

      - It can continue to try to contain the anger by brutal force and FAIL.

      Based on 10,000 years of human history, there is zero chance Israel can "win" in the end, all it can do is minimize its losses. So your choices are: follow the current path to the destruction of Israel (the Arabs will succeed eventually) or WAKE UP and realize that if Israel is to survive, it must understand it is the result of many bad decisions and try to fix that as much as possible.

      The Arabs have very valid reasons for disliking Israel and Israel gives them more reasons each and every day.

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