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  • The New Jim Crow: Has the Right finally Repealed the Civil Rights Act?
    • sufferingsuccotash 08/20/2014 at 12:48 pm

      You are frighteningly correct. Detroit is the prime example. Cutting off the water to 18k people for unpaid water bills while allowing service to many businesses and corporations who owe excessive fees. This winter those same families will face a cruel winter with the threat of losing their heat. And despite the city's bankruptcy, the police force has been militarized. Detroit has become Gaza without the bombs-----so far.

  • Broken Democracy: Republicans poised to take Senate, Americans Reject their Platform
    • sufferingsuccatash 02/05/2014 at 3:10 pm

      This proves there are many problems with income inequality and more so, concentration of wealth into the hands of the few. It is this power elite, through the use of their capital, who have strategically secured the political redistricting, the political surrogates, the courts (to a great extent), and the media to tilt the political landscape. The "checks and balances" Constitutional strategy of preserving democracy and preventing the political processes to be captured by a power elite have not simply failed but have now been embedded in legislation and legal decisions that have allowed democracy to evolve into a plutocracy of the wealthy. It is the cruel hand of historical evolution that is being felt in the US at present.

  • Bad for the Jews: Israeli Annexation of Palestinian West Bank, Scarlett Johansson and BDS
    • Hunter---Scarlett may have made a mistake in judgement, but she is surely not a victim. The Palestinians who have lost their lands and have limited freedoms on the WB are victims.

  • Netanyahu 1992: Iran will Have the Bomb by 1997
    • sufferingsuccatash 03/06/2012 at 2:17 pm

      What this constant Israeli aggression and accusation strategy has resulted in is the avoidance of any peace agreement with the Palestinians. This has been the motivation behind all of the turbulence. While the ME has been in a constant state of siege (overt and covert) by the US, the Israelis have increased their settlements, committed a massacre in Gaza, and tried on several occasions to even the score with Hezbollah. Israel has no intention of formulating a peace with the Palestinians. Why would they when they've increased their land grab, increased their water resources, confined the Palestinians, and moved forward their Zionist game plan.

  • The Dilemma over Syria
    • sufferingsuccatash 02/11/2012 at 8:31 am

      "Ethnic group," does not establish the only targeted group of genocide under Article 2 of the "Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide." The language is "the deliberate and systematic destruction in whole or part of an ethnic, religious, or national group,..." Language that would have included "opposition political party," was objected to by Joseph Stalin and was therefore removed.

      I am well aware of how the term has been loosely applied, but more appropriately to historical circumstances the term has been avoided. Susan Rice, who has proposed the UN SC resolution, never admitted during her time in the Clinton WH that the Rwandan genocide was in fact a genocide because it would have committed the US to intercede and that did not play a positive part for Clinton's re-election campaign in 1996. There are a number of examples where genocide has occurred where observers turned their collective heads only to rename the event as a genocide from their rear view mirrors.

    • A third possibility is to declare the Syrian assault on Hum a genocide and deploy NATO forces within Syria in defense of civilians who are absorbing indiscriminant daily bombardment and now starvation. Clearly, the tactics and the overall superiority of the Syrian forces against the civilian population are aimed at group annihilation. The US is obliged to act to stop genocide under international treaty. While this situation is fraught with political and strategic sensitivity, a case can be made that the US could act through NATO or UN force deployments to insure the safety of Syrian civilians. All types of hell may break loose as a result, granted, but that rationale is an option if there is a stomach for it.

  • Iraq's al-Maliki Seeks Arrest of Sunni VP as Terrorist, Parliament in Uproar

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