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  • Fathers and Sons and Chechnya
  • "Argo" as Orientalism and why it Upsets Iranians
    • Thank you Mr. Cole, so much, for this well explained view of the 'other side' of the story. I smelled a fish even in the previews for this film. The style and questionable intentions of it remind me of that vile neocon propaganda tv show, '24'.

  • Netanyahu in 1992: Iran close to having nuclear bomb
  • Dear Mitt: *You* Don't Get to Say That
    • That is a good question. And the double standard David Gregory stuck to was jaw dropping. Romney won't even come close to the open air policies his own father (the other Governor Romney) championed, by showing over a decade of his tax returns, but Gregory decides that question is OVER? Is that because Ann Romney said 'stop it!'? Good lord, Romney not showing his returns is a vital and important issue in judging his financial character and now the press is dropping it while they clung to the 'Elvis Lives' nonsense about the president's birth certificate for years, AFTER HE HAD BEEN ELECTED and the FBI, Secret Service etc. had long since confirmed his validity as a citizen!
      And too, while president Obama was practically forced to to be publicly baptized and answer for every strange remark made by his hot headed pastor, Mr. Romney's Mormon faith is apparently off limits, even though there are elements of it the do have policy implications. Romney was a grown man in the Mormon faith before the church changed its policy to ALLOW BLACK PEOPLE TO JOIN! My God. I know there are a countless good people in the Mormon faith and I'm sure they all have a personal story of how they dealt with this issue if they are Romney's age. America does need to hear Romney's story there too. What an unbelievable double standard this interview presented.

  • White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the 'Commander in Chief'
    • Exactly right Juan...

      Neal Boortz-'President Obama is a dictator'
      The Hate Parade Marches On!
      Radio host Neal Boortz just said, in all seriousness, 'President Obama is a dictator, he goes against the constitution and ignores our laws.' Of course that's not true. Even if he wanted to he couldn't and not one single Republican congress-person is filing charges of any kind against him, much less impeachment. Don't people think that Nixon and Clinton would have liked to tell our justice system to 'back off'. But somehow, we are to believe that PBO has it all figured out and has taken over our country. I'm surprised he's letting us have an election! Of course Boortz is a liar or a fool or both, but it's not funny that Cox and WGAU let him get away with, in essence, calling for the assassination of our president. Because that is exactly what any law abiding citizen would be compelled to do if they believed this insane, vile hate-speech.

      I only wish this evil bile was unique to the Boortz show and not the entire WGAU, Cox, WSB, WABC lineup. It's all one long parade of hate and bigotry. It's a disgrace to the United States of America and it is in fact leading to terrorism and bigoted militias forming.

  • On Human unity and the "Curiosity" NASA Control Room
  • Voters in Libya: Indescribable Joy, "Libya is Free"
  • Supreme Court declines to take US Health Care in direction of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Mursi and the Brotherhood in a Pluralist Egypt
    • Hooray for Egypt! Democratic Egypt!
      History moves in fits and starts. Progress is rare. This is progress. No matter what the failures and shortcomings are of any form of government or society, we must remember, that while we should all dream of a better world, it is not wise to condemn what we have accomplished based on comparison to some mythical ideal. To fairly judge the present we must compare it to the past and that will be our best guide to a better future. Today, Egypt is a better place.

      God bless the people of Egypt, may you live and prosper in peace, through love and respect for one another, in your beautiful new DEMOCRACY!

  • "Democracy becomes a government of bullies . . ." (Ralph Waldo Emerson Poster)
    • Are you giving up on Democracy?
      Is the only answer revolution?
      Even in relatively peaceful revolutions the new regimes reinstate democracy....what else is there to turn to as a way for society to conduct its self?

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