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  • Rebels Take, Hold Key Oil Cities in Fierce Libyan Civil War
  • Libya Skirmishes as Saudi Quivers and Iran, Iraq under Pressure
  • Kusha: Iran vs. Egypt: Qualitative Differences in Capabilities
    • You should all remember that most of the so-called broad base are members of basij, Ansar-Hizballah, Aabadgaran, and IRGC and their families who directly benefit from IRI and the rest are the government workers If you look at the history of 20th century it is full of these what Khameni calls, the "Khavas class" ; their very livelihood depends on the status quo. They are informer basiji in every neighborhood and county whose main job is spying on others around them...

    • Iran has the highest rate of brain drain of any country. The Islamic Republic cannot create jobs for the millions of youth in Iran. The 30% subsidized constituents of the IRI are welfare receipents without any real employment or any tangible skill. As soon as their welfare money is cut which will happen around summer of this year, will see how loyal they will be to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    • Be vigilant: IRI producing fake youtube videos:

      ""The plan with the fake videos is a lot more sinister than this. Their objective is to discredit the citizen journalism out of Iran and the rest of us, the hands that take those citizen reports and post them in different places. If we are shown to be people who would "fabricate­" news and copy and distribute wrong informatio­n, nobody will trust citizen journalism as a viable reporting mechanism out of Iran, something that has been happening over the past two years, in the absence of profession­al reporting out of Iran.

      The Iranian government has establishe­d organizati­ons that are charged with the responsibi­lity of fabricatin­g news and posting mis-labele­d videos to do this. Aside from all the units inside Basij and IRGC who deal with the Iranian cyberspace­, a large organizati­on was establishe­d inside IRIB several months ago with this objective.

      Vigilance is the only thing we can do. Those of us who have seen a lot of videos from the previous demonstrat­ions, must scan the new ones and point out the mislabelin­g wherever we can, especially on Balatarin where thousands of people quickly pick up the wrong informatio­n and run with it. ""

    • Opposition websites have called for another day of protests in Iran on March 8.

    • ""Witnesses said riot police charged on protesters in central Tehran to try to scatter crowds. Some police took swipes at cars whose drivers were believed to be honking their horns in support of the demonstrat­ors. There were no reports of injuries, but opposition websites said several people were arrested.

      Kalame said the violence by security forces against protesters was "heavy and unpreceden­ted." It said gunfire was heard during the clashes.

      Reports cannot be verified independen­tly since Iranian authoritie­s have banned media from covering opposition protests and other events. Opposition websites have called for another day of protests in Iran on March 8.

      Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanpara­st said Iran will not respond to internatio­nal questions about the whereabout­s of the two, adding that the country considers the matter a "completel­y domestic" affair.
      The semioffici­al news agency ISNA quoted state prosecutor Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehei as saying the two were not detained but did not elaborate. There has been no independen­t confirmati­on of their location..­..

      Mehmanpara­st denounced outside pressures to clarify the status of the two opposition figures.

      "The internal issues of our country are completely domestic and no country is and will be allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of our country," he told reporters.

      Mehmanpara­st said any "issues relating to" Mousavi and Karroubi "will be dealt in the framework of law by judicial authoritie­s."

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    • February 28 (10 Esfand): developing news

      And so, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard, and Mehdi Karroubi and Fatemeh Karroubi, were first put under house arrest inside their own homes for close to two weeks and then at some point transferred from their homes into a military detention center, reports say.

      Another set of protests have been planned for today, March 1, 2011. Many of the people who will be taking to the streets today will be protesting the arrests. Some, however, will attend the protests for demands which have long surpassed due action on a fraudulent election. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been so publicly hated and distrusted by Iranians. The amount of violence unleashed on Iranians seems to have delivered the country into a state of constant protest, boiling over into the streets at every conceivable chance....

      Mass protest in Tehran: If you read Persian///

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    • This analysis is incoherent and the conclusion non-sequtiur.

      This one clearly explains the real reasons:

      ""It is pretty clear that the proximate cause for the tidal wave of uprising is the dramatic rise in food prices. While there are other, longer term issues, it appears to me that economic desperation has been converted brilliantly into political revolution.

      Now, how do you entrust a regime that oppressed its people and looted its national wealth for 30 years with reforms? How do we entrust a regime that kills its opponents in the name of GOD and rightousness?

      This regime should be in jail to answer to the people for the crimes (murdering and theft) committed against Iranian nation. How could Khamenie et al comes to be worth billions of dollars? We need a revolution and we need it now.

      I tend to think of political revolutions as like crimes, in that a means, motive, and opportunity are required. Means are the resources would-be revolutionaries employ to achieve their ends such as social networking sites or, more traditionally, guns. The motive is the ideological foundation revolutionaries draw upon--why is this power structure illegitmate? I don't think if you ask average Iranians, they will be able to give you a solid answer. We constantly complain about the symptoms of this abomination called IRI but never really quite articulate why the regime's ideological foundations and goals are a path to destruction of Iran.

      We never really discuss what other goals and ideological visions should replace the ones indoctrinated into the fabric of the society for the past 32 years? Democracy and secularism in abstractions are too vague for the average joe. What does democracy and secularism translate into in tangeable and concrete ways to improve the daily struggle of making ends meet?

      Opportunity is the event or series of events that allow for the revolution to occur in the first place. Opportunities are external and structural more often then not, such as international pressure on the state, the threat or continuance of war, and yes, most common, economic crisis or complete collapse. Iran is ripe for a revolution at this time.

      It's unreasonab­le to expect upheavals/uprising to have well-defin­ed game plan from the beginning. The American revolution happened in 1776, but the federalist papers weren't published until 1787.The most important thing about the American revolution­aries was their determinat­ion to avoid despotism. That's really all that's needed for these revolution­s to succeed. It was, by the way, lacking in Iran in 1979.

      The most important thing about the American revolution­aries was their determinat­ion to avoid despotism. That's really all that's needed for these revolution­s to succeed. It was, by the way, lacking in Iran in 1979. I also have to mention that the rAmerican evolutionaries were minority educated elite who who mobilized/infomred/educated the rest of the uneducated colonies on why and how they needed to save themselves from the shackles of British Empire.

      "Revolutions are rarely, if ever, carried out by the "People," the "Mob," of the "Masses." You need elites, you need organizational structure, you need firm ideological cohesion, and you need an effective strategy in motivating actors and replicating your message for a "successful" revolution."

      The French, operating under vague, yet lofty-sounding Enlightenment ideals, almost immediately tore themselves apart over who should take power in the republic and how it should take shape. The Bolsheviks, on the other hand, had built an extremely effective party aparatus and a means of applying Marxist thought to the Russian reality far before 1917. They had a chain of command, they had a clear message, they had an army.

      It is undeniable that the Egyptian military, as the only legitimate governmental institution left, will play a significant, if not primary, role in rebuilding the country. It'll be interesting to see if they can hold it together, and do so while preserving "democratic" principles. There has been no class transfer of power and wealth. It is yet to be known whether we can call it a revolution.

      Nature abhors a vacuum. That's why "organizer­s" will fill it. As we clearly saw in 1979.

      No meaningful transforma­tion of Middle East is possible without addressing those two evil twins whcih hinder progress and developmen­t -- religious archaic superstiti­ons and political oppression­.""

      IRI's real goals:

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  • Top Pieces of Unfinished Business in the Mideast
    • End Enforced Disappearance of Opposition Leaders and Wives
      Int.'l Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
      (26 February 2011) The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran called for the immediate release of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi and both their wives, who have been removed to an unknown location—reportedly a “safe house”– from their homes. Under international law, the secret holding of Musavi and Karroubi and their wives is an enforced disappearance.

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    • Mousavi, Karroubi Detained
      "Moved to IRGC house-prison around Tehran"

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    • Scenes of Resistance
      Newly released extraordinary clips of people vs security forces

      Basijis on motorbikes ram through protesters in Tehran:

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      Mother & Son
      Mother pleads to save her son from being taken away by security forces

  • Alimagham: What Egypt & Tunisia Tell us About Iran
    • the breathtakingly hypocritical condemnation of Qadhafi for his repression of the people on the part of Ahmadinejad has got to be one of the wildest things I have ever seen or heard.

      More on Tehran's state of unannounced martial law
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    • IRI kills just enough to scare, but not too much to cause general upheavel, then they use their propaganda machines to divert responsibility. It all makes sense, read the article and look at the numbers.

      If they don't use tanks in the streets or kill people by hundreds (like Gaddafi), its NOT because they don't want to, its because of the managed killing policies that they have perfected over 32 years, to stay in power.

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    • View from a bus in Tehran:

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    • "A Ruthless Opponent

      The result, says Ali Ansari, professor of Iranian studies at St Andrews University in Scotland, is that Iran's opposition will be unable to achieve the same rapid transition attained by demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt."

      "The opponent they're facing is a good deal more ruthless and much more embedded," Ansari argues.

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    • To Pouya:

      the US wants an Islamic Iran. It serves as a perfect foil to allow them to interfere in the Middle East. The existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the main props for US support of Israel. It creates a bogey-man which can be exploited to justify our invasions of both Iraq and Afghanista­n, no matter that Iraq was a secular state and Afghanista­n a Sunni Muslim state prior to our invasions. A truly secular, democratic Iran is not in the interests of the US. The US wants either an intransige­nt enemy with a fierce visage or a compliant client with democratic window dressing and at this point it sounds like Obama has chosen the former for now. But, please do not foregt, the last thing they want is a free, independen­t, nationalis­t Iran that protects its self-inter­est and the welfare of the Iranian people.

    • Iran's Green movement lie

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    • Khamenei:"­­IRI's #1 Enemy is Iranians NOT foreigners­­"

      link to www­­.dw-world­.­de,,­644­4249,0­­ml

      The article is in Persian.

    • Picture is worth a thousand words
      Reminds me of last days of Hitler and Hitler Youth....
      by Roozbeh_Gilani on Mon Feb 21, 2011 08:31 AM PST

      where gangs of teenage German kids were deployed against the might of tough, experienced Red army soldiers, who'd marched to the gates of Berlin all the way from the battlefilds of Stalingrad....

      I hope these kids who obviously have little knowledge of how shamelessly they are being used by the islamist fascists against their own compatriots, are treated much much better by the Iranian people after the regime is gone, than their German counterparts were by the Red army soldiers...

      Using teenagers to crack down on people. It is sick.

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    • "The opposition group Coordination Council for the Green Path of Hope issued a defiant call for protests to commemorate the 7th day of the martyrdom of two students killed during the 25th Bahman (Feb.14) demonstrations. For the first time the reformist group's call to protest was asking for "an end to religious dictatorship."

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    • Khamenei's hypocrisy has surely not been lost on Iran's youth

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  • Top Five Myths about the Middle East Protests
    • Khamenie says the internal threat to the regime is much more important than the external threat. He reduced the nuclear program budget and increased the budget for the IRGC.

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    • 'God, Let Me Die Standing': Remembering Mohammad Mokhtari

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    • European/Amercan media minimizing protests in Iran
      As usual, European/American media minimizes protests in Iran. Why?

    • saraboro RT @sbelg: Eyewitness: regime had brought out all its forces, even 14-15-yr-old planted everywhere like scarecrows #1Esfand #iranelection

    • Ahmad Maleki
      Diplomat at IRI's Milan consulate defects

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    • گزارش تأییدنشدۀ بی بی سی فارسی ؛ وضعیت شهر اصفهان "شبیه به حکومت نظامی"
      16:40 یک شاهد عینی از اصفهان به بی بی سی فارسی گفت که وضعیت شهر اصفهان امروز "شبیه به حکومت نظامی" بود و علاوه بر متوقف شدن دریافت امواج ماهواره، دسترسی به اینترنت و امکان برقراری تماس تلفنی از طریق موبایل، به شدت مختل شده است.
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      Isfahan: Semi-Martial law. Internet, Mobile phones, Satellite dishes, were completely cut off.--Persian bbc

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    • The number of demonstrators was about the same as Feb 14 [25 Bahman], but scattered across two axes instead of one (which was the case with Feb 14). Violence by the security forces was significantly lower than Feb 14, although their numbers were much much more (the whole city was virtually turned into a military fort). Demonstrators were mostly walking in silence, except when attacked by the security forces.

      1730 GMT: Catching Up. A summary of recent reports from BBC Persian....

      "Hundreds" demonstrated in Isfahan. The situation, according to one eyewitness, was "similar to martial law" with confiscation of satellite dishes and disruption of mobile phone and Internet service.

      The gathering in Shiraz was bigger than the rally last Monday, with the elderly helping young protesters escape detention.

      There was a heavy security presence in Mashhad.

      1655 GMT: After Dark. Daneshjoo News is claiming that protests are expanding in Tehran tonight, including in Mirdamad, 7 Tir Square, and Vanak Square.

      1645 GMT: In Kurdistan. Mardomak is reporting unrest in Kurdish cities, including Sanandaj, Mahabad, Yaveh, and Marivan.

      Human Rights Activists News Agency is also claiming 80% of shops participated in a general strike in Bookan.

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    • Latest updates in Iran:

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    • “Mahabad Kurdistan is falling into the hands of protesters, sec forces have lost control “

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    • Larijani threatens Mousavi and Karoubi again.

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    • BBC Live: The situation in Tehran is gravely volatile:

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    • آغاز اعتصاب در پالایشگاه آبادان
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      Oil workers strike in Aabadan, Iran
      The largest refinary in the entire nation.

    • An eye witness told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that the number of police and plainclothes forces present at public protests in Tehran today was considerably larger than on 14 February. He said that in some city squares large groups of police forces appeared on alert. “They had equipped 15-16 year-old boys with clubs and vests and lined them up on the side of the streets, so that they would beat people if they came,” he said. Presence of under-18 individuals among the police forces, some of whom were visibly small-built, was confirmed by two other independent eye witnesses. News agencies close to the government confirmed the arrest of Faezeh Hashemi, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s daughter. She was released after a few hours.
      Read the rest here: link to

    • Tehran: Basijis out in force
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    • Latest videos from Sunday's protests will be posted here as they become available.

      Shiraz: "Koorosh dooset daarim" (Cyrus we love you)

      "Down with the dictator"

      "Mubarak, Ben Ali, now it's time for Seyd Ali (the supreme leader)"

      link to

    • Nation wide protest in Iran.

      Mahabad in people's hand.

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      AJELive Protests in Iran - reports of live ammunition, tear gas and arrests link to #1esfand, #25bahman about 1 hour ago · reply 10+ recent retweets

  • Egyptian Crowds Reject Mubarak Speech, Pledge Massive Friday Protests
    • The Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reported:

      A group of Tahrir Square protesters on Thursday called on the Iranian people to revolt against the Iranian Islamic dictatorship.

      A group of leaders of Iran’s “Green Revolution” against the Islamic Revolution called for the organization of a demonstration in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters less than a week after comments were made by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calling on the Egyptian army to intervene and overthrow the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

      In a statement, the Egyptian protesters said, “O Great Egyptians, O sons of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which spread light throughout the world, outsiders are trying to steal your revolution.”

      The statement went on to say, “Khamenei and his follower [the leader of Hezbollah] Hassan Nasrallah came out to drive a wedge in the nation’s fabric by talking about an Islamic revolution in an attempt to eliminate our Coptic brothers for our revolution.”

      “The great Egyptian people understand these nefarious aims to spread chaos and discord throughout Egypt and its people who carried out the most magnificent and honorable revolution in history and we will not give such people the opportunity to hijack our revolution which will continue until we achieve complete democracy .”

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  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
  • Anzalone: The Muslim Brotherhood Myth

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