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  • Is Syrian Regime Preparing a Massacre of Homs?
  • Britain Closes Tehran Embassy
    • Consequence of infighting between Ahmadinejad faction and Larijani.

      Position of Presidency to be eliminated in the next 4 years..and replaced by toothless pm.

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    • Britain "needed to be slapped"
      Friday prayer leader says sanctions will do no harm

      Press TV: A senior Iranian cleric has dismissed the UK-backed sanctions imposed on Iran as a mere propaganda campaign and praised Tehran's having downgraded its diplomatic relations with London. Addressing a gathering of military forces on Wednesday, Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami noted that the British government had always been involved in hatching plots against Iran, ISNA reported. Khatami said the sanctions brought into force against Iran by the US and the Western countries had not only been ineffective, but had also had propelled the country towards further progress >>>

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    • "Iranians will never forgive the British. The lowest point of Iranian respect for the British was when they carefully planned and executed the assassination of Mirza Taqi Khan-e Amir Kabir (1806-1852) The greatest Prime Minister Iran ever had and the most important man in the last 300 years of Iran's history. Amir Kabir could have been compared with Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Charles de Gaulle.

      What he did for Iran has never been appreciated enough, hence it is tragic that incompetent Iranian politicians of the last two centuries failed to finance a biography on him in foreign languages simply because they were all stooges and kissing servants of the British crown, installed Iran to plunder the wealth of a nation.

      Iranian hatred for anything British goes deep and it is now part of the Iranian gene, in particular among the educated and respected Iranians. The British will never stop conspiring against Iranians because historically British doctrine in Iran has been to keep Iran from any progress, bribe the elites and recruit spies, thugs, pedophiles and assassins for their never ending attempt to ruin Iranian culture and squash any desire to rise above the ignorance.

      By planning the murder of Amir Kabir that has falsely been credited to Amir Kabir's mother-in-law, the British pushed back Iran substantially resenting among many things the fact that Amir Kabir was fluent in Russian and was well liked by the Tzar of Russia. Same allegations were fabricated for Dr. Mossadegh and his destruction (1951) because of the British fear of his empathy with the Russians and removal of the second greatest man in the modern Iranian history by feeding the Iranian ignorance.

      Iranians resentment of British attitude in Iran goes back 300 years and it will take a lot of apologies to ever forgive the monster colonialist that brings in governments and disposes them when their usage date gets expired. They use their own thugs to climb the wall of the embassy and then blame it on Iranians and put the stooge Islamic regime in defensive mode. It does not matter anymore who the thugs that attacked the embassy were, but in the heart of any brave Iranians there is a shred of hope that someday that den of conspiracies and espionage called British Embassy gets shut down and the compound be turned into a city park or public facilities, anything good for the environment other than British.

      But until then it is wise for any future Iranian regime that is not installed by the British to continue downgrading the diplomatic relation not to a charge-d'affiars or counsular level, but preferably to a gardener level. The highest level of a British diplomat in Iran should be a gardener taking care of the grounds and for that matter the same in London. Any Iranian diplomat ever worked at the Iranian embassy in London was a tyrant working there to sell his motherland to foreigners in exchange for sex, money and gifts and facelifts. Iran does not need an embassy in London and it aspires to turn it into a bed and breakfast compound for the tourists in London and beg them to leave Iranians alone....

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    • the Brits ask for this: they have pandered to the regime for so long, allowing the invasion and hate-rally known as annual Al Qods march in London and allowing IRGC to intimidate and attack Iranian expats here! When they suddenly change tack they only have themselves to blame!

    • Press TV is mere propaganda for Iran. It must close

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    • 1988 Massacre: A Quest for justice
      Symposium at Oxford University

      Symposium on the 1988 Massacre of Political prisoners in Iran: A Quest for justice. This symosium was held at Oxford University on October 25th, 2011, and was co-sponsored by the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation.

      Part 1:

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    • "Maryam Namazie: One Law for All
      Celebrate 3rd year

      10 December 2011 will be One Law for All’s third anniversary. We were established in 2008 to oppose Sharia and religious law courts and demand one secular law for all. In the comings weeks, we will be debating the Left’s support of Islamism, and whether Sharia law negates human rights. On 13 December, we will also be briefing Peers in the House of Lords on the adverse effects of Sharia law in support of the Cox Equality Bill. To donate to the crucial work of One Law for All, please either send a cheque made payable to One Law for All to BM Box 2387, London WC1N 3XX, UK or pay via Paypal. -- Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson, One Law for All


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    • "To the Brits & Europeans: F*ck You"
      For over 30 years, I could see thugs from the regime in Iran walking down high street kensington. Buy property, opening bank accounts, trading with the Brits. And for 30 years NOTHING, I mean nothing was done to undermine the regime in Tehran. The Brits after all were not going to bring down what they had put up!! Britain maintained full diplomatic relations with Iran. So did every European country. When American "administrations" pushed for aggressive, decisive actions against Iran - it was the Europeans (notably the Brits) that watered down every proposal and pushed for sanctions only. And they made sanctions a joke. The Brits made sanction busting a source of serious revenue. Go to Britain's colonial outpost in the Persian Gulf (Dubai) and you'll see how British banks and corporations have made a huge multi-billion dollar business transhipping sanctioned goods to Iran. They built a cat-cracker in Iran (so Iran could produce its own gasoline) then announce sanctions on gasoline exports to Iran. They put some banking restrictions on transfers to Iran, then offered their banks in Dubai, as third party entities to effect those transactions. You Brits and Europeans have made sanctions a joke. You f*cking hypocrites.

      For over 30 years, you maintained direct high level diplomatic relations with Iran - while in effect shutting out the Americans. You sold power plants, chemical plants, cars, spare parts, name it to Iran. You kept the Islamic regime alive. Yet, the leadership in Iran has basically remained the same. Rafsanjani and Khamenei have been in power for over 30 years at the very highest level in the regime in Iran. Now suddenly you see the light and are announcing serious sanctions against Iran? You f*cking hypocrites.

      It was over 30 years ago that you sold a nuclear power plant to Iran. You built it. You even asked Iran to invest a billion dollars into Eurodif - Europes Uraniam enrichment plant. Iran even has a directorship in the company. Yet, somehow, now its not kosher for Iran to be enriching Uranium? You f*cking hypocrites.

      For over 100 years, you systematically undermined Iranian democracy. From the Reza Shah coup in 1920 to Operation Ajax and the Mohamad Reza Shah Coup in 1952, to the Mullah's Coup in 1979 have turned on the people of Iran and their legitimate right for freedom and free speech, democracy. You have put up puppet dictatorships in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan where you are stealing oil - Iranian oil! Throw sex parties for (President for life) Aliev in Azerbaijan. And you have the audacity to talk about democracy and pretend to promote democracy and human rights worldwide. You F*cking hypocrites.

      You pushed Saddam hussein to invade Iran. Sell arms to both sides. Extend the Iran-Iraq war for 8 years. Make record profits in the process. Then you persuade the U.S. (with false intelligence) to invade Iraq. After leveraging trillions from the U.S. Treasury, and over 4000 American deaths and something like 120,000 Iraqi civilian take over Iraq two largest oil fields - Majnoon and Ramalla! And now control the world's second largest oil reserves. And now the Iraqi government wants American soldiers to leave Iraq - while you are maintaining a military presence!!! ...much more

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      Ofcom reverses decision to revoke licence of Iran's Press TV
      Foreign Office denies government intervened in decision to switch penalty to £100,000 fine as tensions rose with republic

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      If they are expelling Iranian diplomats, why aren’t they expelling PressTV?

  • Iranian Students attack British Embassy
    • As many folks have observed, including British foreign minister Hague, the attack could not occur if not approved at the highest level. So here it is:

      Mohammad Mohammadian, a representative of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, praised the attackers, saying they had targeted the "epicenter of sedition."

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    • Does this mean Aghazedeh's (privilged offsprings of IRI leadership) and IRI Officials can no longer obtain U.K citizenships? Does it mean they can not come to U.K and lecture people about non violence and civil society? does it mean they can not touch all the money they looted for the past 30 some years and now stored in U.K and European banks? seriously what is the impact of this action?

    • "Other embassies may be closing in Iran according to Washington Post and I suspect this makes more likely a vote to shut off Iranian oil imports to the West. That could add to the regime's economic woes.

      Excerpt from Washington Post:

      European ambassadors in Tehran had a long meeting Wednesday in which the options of withdrawing heads of missions and even closing all European embassies in Tehran were debated, said a European diplomat who asked to remain anonymous. One diplomat had visited the British Embassy grounds to search for the British ambassador’s dog, which was found. The diplomat said damage to the buildings was extreme.

      “The place had been systematically ransacked, paintings were destroyed and furniture was broken,” the diplomat said. “We have concluded that the attack had been extremely well coordinated by the authorities,” he said.

      Iran’s leaders apparently made a deliberate decision to allow groups of young men armed with sticks to pillage the diplomatic compounds Tuesday and briefly detain six embassy staffers.

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      At Enduring America, an article identifies one high Basilj official and what appears to be a top IRCG Quds officer (Special Forces) involved in the demonstration. EA has circled their faces in red. You can clearly see a mullah is among the demonstrators. Toss in the encouragement of such attacks by Khamenei's hard-line supporters in parliament, plus praise for it by so many top regime officials afterewards.

      This regime is going to be held accountable for outlaw behavior and it will be costly. A news outlet associated with Ahmadinejad has also praised the attack, indicating that--whatever arguments he may have on the mullahs--both factions are as "tight" on this one as they were on election day and afterwards.

      Like the recently disrupted attack in Washington, this is another bone-headed scheme by a hard line regime at the worst possible time. It's as stupid as the blatantly rigged election. These thugs think they can get away with anything and people won't notice.

      A MESSAGE TO IRAN'S CENSORS: Don't worry about EA's analysis of the photos. Even if you could filter them, they are all over the internet now and in the offices of many western governments. Everyone knows the Basilj are directly controlled by the Supreme Leader and couldn't act without his permission. The same has been true when, dressed in plain clothes, Basilj and Hezbollah types beat up moderate clerics and trash their homes and mosques. Everyone knows who is the MAIN MAN behind it all."

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  • Assassinating Dreams in Egypt: Amr
    • Does the US admin want the MB to rule Egyptians?? Another Islamic Republic of Egypt?? Is that the plan?? Why prefer religious radicals over seculars??

  • Beeman: Letter from Iran
  • Ambassador Ford's Departure a Defeat for al-Assad
  • Surprises of the Tunisian Election
  • Al-Qaeda Brands Ahmadinejad a Conspiracy Theorist!
    • Iran’s supreme leader assails two-state solution for Palestinians and Israel
      Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the Palestinians should not limit themselves to seeking a country within the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip — which would implicitly recognize Israel — because “all land belongs to Palestinians.”


      Khamenei, who spoke at a pro-Palestinian conference in Tehran, called Israel a “cancerous tumor” that should be removed.

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  • Rick Perry and the Hucksterism of the Rich

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