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  • The End of the Turkish Model? Erdogan's Paranoia and Authoritarian Streak Threaten his Legacy
    • Erdogan has used the Fetullah Gülen movement to break the powerful position of the military in Turkey. But now the military has less power Erdogan has discovered that the Gülen movement has increased its power at the expense of the AKP.

      On top of that, the Gülen movement has received billions in support from the US. That's why I think the days of Erdogan & Gul as prime minister and president are numbered.

      Someone who is very good informed is Sibel Edmonds of

  • Top Ten Climate Change Threats being ignored by your Television News
    • 1. The Southwest in the US is warming up & getting dryer. But that's the result of the North east Pacific waters cooling down.
      Cooler pacific waters mean less water evaporation and less formation of clouds. The prevailing western winds blow those decreasing amount of clouds into the US' south west. Fewer clouds mean 2 things. 1) less rain 2) fewer clouds block sun radiation. So, more sunshine/radiation reaches the soil/ground. and that dries the soil even more. No wonder the south west sees an increased amount of forest/bush fires.
      This is part of the socalled "Pacific Decadal Oscillation". As a result of the PDO the pacific waters were warmer from about 1950 up to 2000. But now the PDO is in phase of cooling waters and will be for say the next 20(?), 30(?), .... years.
      2. The Atlantic at the same time is since say the mid 1990s flowing (much) faster. That means that the atlantic waters when they reach say New York have cooled down less than inprevious decades. The result is that storms will travel to a higher lattitude than before. Remember superstorm Sandy ??

      2. The Atlantic is flowing

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