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Dr. Margot Haynes

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  • Obama and David Brooks's Manhood Problem
    • Here is a concrete example of how Brooks made an intelligent comment. It was David Brooks who immediately condemned Trent Lott's comments (in 2001), comments indicating Lott's positive views of the racism of Strom Thurmond. He did so on the evening Lehrer News Hour, which I considered an act of considerable courage and independence (and truthfulness) at the time. Within a month, the new internet media had so thoroughly roasted Lott for his racism that he resigned as leader of the Senate.

  • Sanders: Climate Change more Menacing than Terrorism (Germanos)
    • Would like to see Sanders and Cole comment on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, controversial new Nafta-type agreement with countries in the Pacific Rim, purportedly supercedes national environmental laws.

  • Chinese Humorists Satirize the Snowden/ NSA Surveillance Scandal (Video)
    • Perhaps this should be labeled Taiwanese rather than Chinese? Note treatment of "Taiwanese Independence" talk on video...

  • If you Love the Earth on Earth Day, Close a Coal Plant
    • Also learning about fracking--methane emitted during the process is 20+ times more harmful to environment that C02. Also, it poisons our water.

  • Iceland: Pioneer in Green, Geothermal Energy
    • Thank you for this type of news--positive, forward-thinking, and a concrete model of success! A kind of witness for the interfaith religious value of preserving the earth with green, renewable energy resources in contrast to oil or natural gas extraction which increasingly destroys our water supply.

  • Top Ten Reasons Chuck Hagel Should be Secretary of Defense
  • How Long will We let the National Rifle Association and Corrupt Politicians Kill our Children?
    • You may feel, Professor Cole, that sixty is old enough to say your piece and take the consequences, but I, for one, hope to be reading your blog far into the future, since so few of us are as well-informed about the Middle East, as deep-thinking about Global Climate Change, and as courageous in general truth-telling. Thank you for giving us such a model!

      Today I was speaking with a friend about each of our virtual walls of personal heroes. Mine included Daniel Ellsberg, Nelson Mandela, and Margaret Sanger. I should have included your name.

  • Omar Khayyam (99)
  • Ret'd. CIA Official Alleges Bush White House Used Agency to "Get" Cole
    • Dr. Margot Haynes 06/16/2011 at 5:31 pm

      It is not a matter of shame for you to be in the company of Daniel Schorr (wikipedia: "Schorr attracted the anger of the Nixon White House. In 1971, after a dispute with White House aides, Schorr's friends, neighbors, and co-workers were questioned by the FBI about his habits. They were told that Schorr was under consideration for a high-level position in the environmental area. Schorr knew nothing about it. Later, during the Watergate hearings, it was revealed that Nixon aides had drawn up what became known as Nixon's Enemies List, and Daniel Schorr was on that list. Famously, Schorr read the list aloud on live TV, surprised to be reading his own name in that context.[6]
      And you are evidently also in company with Daniel Ellsberg: ).
      Rather, it is a badge of honor for you. The shame that surrounded Nixon as he became an aging, discredited ex-President should also surround Bush II and those under him who broke so many laws, both U.S. and moral.

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