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  • The Ghost of Iraq haunts Obama on Syria as British Parliament Defects
    • Professor Cole,
      There are approximately 85 banks in Syria that are connected to the SWIFT system. It would not be difficult to disable global interbank transactions between companies and banks in Syria and elsewhere. An action of this sort would be a clear signal to the regime in Syria re it's trajectory toward CW.

  • Where is our Amsterdam? Lavabits, Snowden & Wikileaks Censorship recall age of Absolutism
    • As I read these thoughts on censorship, I reflect on John Milton’s elegant speech/essay ‘Areopagitica’. Although written in the 17th century, the principles put forth in this work still hold today. I would suspect, that most Government lawmakers are unfamiliar with this work.

  • Wagging the Dog with Iran's Maxwell Smart
    • Projessor Cole, with regard to Mr. Arababsiar's psychiatric condition, may I suggest he is not clinically insane, but rather has to some degree a bi-polar or other schizoaffective disorder. I am no expert, but do know several people with this disability. Left untreated it can be devestating. The symptoms you list and his attempts at self medication are almost identical with clinical diagnoses of such. If only we could treat people with psychiatric disabilities to the same degree as we do with physical illness, our world would be a much more peaceful place. Perhaps if the DOJ folks were a little more tuned into this they would not get so wrapped around the flag pole.

  • Lieberman's Modest Gulag Proposal
  • The Horrible Gulf Oil Spill Reality versus the Energy Tomorrow Pantsuit
    • In response to your statement "I am fit to be tied that President Obama ... planning to expand offshore drilling..." - Juan, this is just a plan - it by no means constitutes a go-ahead decision to open up offshore drilling. By pursuing a planning phase - in public - we will all benefit by seeing the risks and associated costs of mitigation. So the cost/benifit is in black-and-white - on paper so to speak and the facts should speak for themselves. I think this is a good approach - without it we would have a bunch of hot-heads running around tossing politically charged rhetoric as if they knew what they were talking about.

  • South Park Controversy and Fallacies of Muslim Extremists
    • Juan, your text in bold print "In fact, trying to import terrorism into the Qur’an is an infinitely greater blasphemy ..." says it plainly enough. I hope they get the picture. Great report.

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