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  • Controversial, Not Controversial (Brennan v. Hagel, Big Oil v. Solar & other Media Hypocrisies)
    • Israeli regime is not happy with Obama's chioce of anti-war Hagel to head Pentagon but is quite happy with Brennan, a kosher Christian to head CIA. Iran on the other hand, has called Hagel as one of the few "rational voices" among US lawmakers. John Brennan is well-known for campaigning a "soft revolution" among the anti-Zionist regime groups (Hizballah, Hamas, Iran and Syria).

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  • Top Ten Reasons Chuck Hagel Should be Secretary of Defense
  • The Rise of the Sunnis and the Decline of Iran, Iraq and Hizbullah: The Middle East in 2013
    • @Dr. Cole.

      I bet your wishful thinking will make Netanyahu very happy. However, Obama just signed the Countering Iran in Western Hemispher Act, passed by AIPAC-controlled lawmakers early this year showing that Iran is gaining influence even in Latin America.

      Hizballah has already proved in 2006 - that the Jewish army is no match to its fighters. Hizballah doesn't receive aid from Tehran but directly from Ayatullah Khamenei' trust. On the other hand, Syria receives more aid from Russia than Iran.

      Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both 100% Sunnis - proved in November 2012 - how they can humiliate mighty Jewish army.

      Sunni Turkey and Egypt are no match to Israel as their leaders are US-NATO clients. Iraq, on the other hand, is recovering from its 10-years of US-Israel occupation.

      As Lord David Owen, former British foreign secretary wrote in UK daily Mirror in December 2011 - "the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq has made Iran the most powerful nation in the region". And if I'm not mistaked, he included Israel in his statement.

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  • Would an Assassination of Iran's Ahmadinejad Have Really Mattered?
    • I think you should be more worried about Dr. Ahmadinejad than Ayatullah Yazi, who is already 74-year-old.

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    • To put it bluntly - NO.

      YES, the Rahbar is the most powerful man in the Islamic Republic - but he is not like Catholic Pope. Under Iranian Constitution, Rahbar, is not allowed to hold Executive position or interfere in country's political process or nominate President, Minister or members of Majlis (parliament). Although he is the Supreme C-in-C of Iran's Armed Forces - in case he stage a military coup, under the Constitution, he would become a 'traitor' and the 'Fatwa' is death. The power of the Rabar is due to his position as 'Wilyat-al-Faiqh (the Spiritual Leader) within Shia school of thought - and that he has to be liked by Iranian politicians or the rich Bazaries. There are million of Sunnis around the world including myself, who consider the rahbar as the political leader of the Muslim ummah.

      The President of Islamic Republic of Iran is elected without any organized political party (none of which exists) in Iran. He is next most powerful official in Iran. He is answerable to the Rahbar only in the matter of the security of the country and the defense of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The Vice-presidents and cabinet ministers are selected by the elected President - and all of them need the approval of the Majlis.

      The Rahbar do appoint some members of the powerful Guardian Council, which acts like a 'Watchdog' and even has the power to remove the Rahbar by a 75% majority vote, if proved insane by the 75% majority of the Majlis.

      The above is to clarify your views on Iran. As far as Dr. Ahmadinejad is concerned, you may like to read it on my blog.

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