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RINGS. Arabic khatimجاتم
pl. khawatim Silver signet-rings are lawful, but a gold ring is not allowed. (See Sahihu ‘l-Bukhari. p. 871.)
Ibn ‘Umar says,” The Prophet took a gold ring and put it on his right hand, but he afterwards threw it away, and took a silver ring, on which was engraved Muhammadun Rasulu ‘ilah, i.e. ‘Muhammad the Messenger of God,’ and he said, ‘Let none of you engrave on your ring like mine.’ And when he wore the ring he used to have the signet under his finger and close to the palm of his hand.” ‘Ali says the ring was on the little finger of the left hand, and that Muhammad forbade a ring being worn upon the fore or middle finger.
Anas says the Prophet’s ring was of silver and on his right hand.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam