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  • NSA bribed Encryption Companies to Install Back Doors: Was the Law Broken? Did Obama Know?
    • Prof. Cole: Good point there. NYT and WaPo are not that far off from Fox (faux) News. People still buy the bull that they spew out. I agree with you RT gets it right now and then, which is a huge improvement over the aforementioned newspapers.

    • It is a possibility, but it is just better to use open source software like Linux and then modify the code, write your own encryption etc. A lot of work for just basic privacy.

    • Absolutely. It is not even being denied, just explained away in vague terms so the paranoid and fearful majority buys into it.

    • More like self exaltation and adulation...after all god is on America's side; god save America and only America. People say this often enough to themselves and believe it.

  • Obama will Veto new Iran Sanctions, Israel War Mandate pushed by AIPAC Senators
    • Very well said...I for one have stopped watching/reading all corporate media channels. This includes NYT and WaPo which have sunk into the gutter.

  • Congress cuts Food Stamps, maintains Estate Tax Loophole worth $100 bn to the Rich
    • Current policy is doing exactly to the vast majority. None of this applies to the top. They have simply exempted themselves. Of course they will use all the infrastructure that others paid for and then buy it back at pennies on the dollar and then charge us all over again to use it. It is happening as we speak in many cities as public parks etc. are being auctioned off. Talk of a rigged system...

  • India Flap derives from America's Gulag Practices and Far-Right Supreme Court
    • Frightening is it not? We seem to be OK with an appalling Justice system with its private prisons (gulags) and outrageous police abuse which is unheard of say in a place like Scandinavia. As Professor Cole said above, in India police abuse is illegal and people get upset about it. There have been many cases of riots over local police abuse issues. Hence this reaction there about the diplomat. Here, we as an ostensibly wealthier nation with a higher literacy/human development index seem to be willing to bow down to sociopaths in uniforms and abuse/torture is accepted as a normal legal process. Now the NSA can get old emails, change them digitally and then build any case! And of course many of these people also sincerely believe that the prosecution is 100% right. I have difficulty in convincing my friends that this is the definition of fascism. With a corporate coup de tat in place, I wonder about the future that our children will face.

    • A good comment.. Justice systems all around the world have been and still are tilted toward the rich/powerful. The US is the worst because we have the resources to be truly fair. Instead we use the law as a weapon. India has a limited budget for law enforcement and a judiciary, but they could do better by taxing at a higher rate (the 40 odd dollar billionaires!) and use the funds for social/structural improvement. Like here the wealthy can afford all the lawyers and get the very best defense. Or as we have seen in the US recently, they get away without any arrest. From my examination of the many cases of screw ups by diplomats, she is the first one to be arrested strip searched etc. (after a public arrest). Many other cases involving Western powers have been hushed up despite offenses of a much more serious nature. The US has always had a selective enforcement system both in domestic and diplomatic cases. Lastly, we have not heard the whole story yet the media including the wretched NYT has pretty much declared her guilty. There is no chance of her getting a fair trial. Prosecutors have become persecutors and Americans think that his claims have to be true. This is true only in a fascist State. Logically then, why have a court proceeding at all? One can just put people away. Many jurisdictions do just that by railroading the indigent on the basis of false testimony and perjury by police, rampant prosecutor misconduct, forced confessions/plea bargains etc. I could go on, but for an industrialized country our system is shameful. No democratic country on earth has the equivalent of the Patriot act and the NDAA. Martin Luther King said it best "The USA is the worst purveyor of violence in the world"...a country that spends more on its military than social uplift is a country that has lost its soul. Have we become a global racketeering enterprise? Or maybe we were always that way...

      Thanks Dr. Cole for your nice article.

      End of rant....

  • United States, Israel opposed Mandela, supported Apartheid
    • The US, UK and Israel behavior was Shameful. As an American it breaks my heart even now when I think of those shameful days. Sadly, our Justice system today is still stuck in Jim Crow days. And it is nationwide, not just the Deep South.

      Again, thank you for a very nice article Dr. Cole.

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