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  • The Rumors of Multiculturalism's death Are Exaggerated (Against Merkel)
    • Hi,

      well, stories in the coorporate media, the ones supportive of the 'conservative' parties, do indeed sometimes concentrate on 'forced marriage' among 'muslim immigrants', 'honour murders', youth crime and stuff like that. The situation of the utmost majority of migrants (mostly badly payed workers) is ignored. You can say some media outlets do indeed reenforce stereotypes.

      One particularly awful (and quite clever) way to do this, is to offer a podest for so called 'hardliners' to spew there poison. One such guy is a fellow named Thilo Sarrazin, formerly a member of the SPD (labour party) and in some position at the federal bank. This nutcase wrote a book, argueing, people are predestined to be succesful in life, or unseccesful, by their genes. In his book, he rambles about 'bad muslim' genes, east germans (who he thinks areby birth more stupid than the people in economically more wealthy regions in Germany) and, for a change, the good jewish genes. The book has become a bestseller and conservative politicians and some important business people have lauded Sarrazin for his 'courage' to speak the 'uncomfortable truth'.
      The biggest german tabloid published Sarrazins hatemongering and then prodly announced, if Sarrazin was to create a political party, he was to get 18% of the votes (according to a poll by this neswpaper).

      I just think this is all part of a campaign to steer voters to the right, in the arms of the conservative party (CDU) and to make people forget what a lousy job this party is doing.

    • There is just one reason for this utterly disgusting discussion in Germany. The 'conservative' parties are at an all time low in the polls. People are hopping mad about the government giving billions to criminal bankers (big bail out), simply undoing the decision to shut down nuclear power plants in a deeply undemocratic way (refusing a parlamentary debate and simply making a deal with the energy coorporations), screwing the millions who have lost there jobs over and over, refusing to create minimum wage and in general being nothing but lackeys of big business.

      When it was uncovered in Hessia, few years back, that the conservatives had been financing their campaign with money (from unknown sources) from bankaccounts in switzerland. What helped them win the election in this land anyways, was a shameful campaign against 'the criminal turkish youth'. Obviously they hope this trick will work again.

      The coorporate media in Germany are trying very, very hard to shift peoples attention away from this scandalous government. They want everybody to concentrate on bulliyng a helpless minority (muslims).

      I'm just seething about this. Hopefully the 'conservatives' will loose even more votes.

  • World Cup Death Threats for Paul the Oracle Octopus
    • At least german politicians will spare the world now from their harebrained attemtps to exploit the championship for propaganda purposes. In no other country in the whole wide world did 'leaders' make such a fuss over the event. For weeks the german population was bombarded with 'be happy, be proud'-articles from newspapers.

      The outrages chancelor even travelled to South-Africa and made sure she was on the screen all the time, cheering and hopping around childishly, while her crew decided to raise the costs for health-care like never before. And only for workers of course.

      Obviously the good-for-nothing politicians hoped that the population would be too drunk with cheering for soccer too even notice they are being robbed blind.

      With Germanies sobbering elimination from the championship, people will hopefully concentrate on the important stuff. Namely, to get ANGRY at their useless government.

      Sorry for this being completely off-topic :-)

      But there certainly is a connection between soccer and politics.

  • Historic UNSC Condemnation of Israel, and of Gaza Blockade;
    World Body Demands release of Aid Activists, Ships
    • I wonder how the media in other countrys treat this incident. In Germany a massive campaign has been launched to spin this in favor of Israel. Most media outlets seem to have banned it to page three or ignore it completely.

      The articles that do deal with it portray the activists on the ships as 'hooligans', 'irresponsible freaks', 'loonies', etc....

      One important (conservative) newspaper came up with the story that the turkish aid organisation, who helped organize the convoy, was 'deeply involved' with 'muslim radicals' and basically just a 'recruiter for the taliban'.

      It is sickening to read all this. Will Israel get away with this crime? At least the israelsupporters are working over-time to make sure they do...

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