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  • Top Ten Reasons Radical Jihadis shouldn't have Threatened David Letterman
  • White Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism in Norway
    • This isnt about "left" or "right", as Juan Cole points out at the end Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes and its true. The overall point is that this was going to happen eventually. When you start categorize people as one thing people start to believe it, in this case certain political gorups in both American and Europe have been categorizing Muslims as terrorists and certain organizations and certain types of people in both Europe and America have really started to believe what that certain groups of people are really dangerous instead of questioning it and learning the facts. This is what you create when political organizations or political parties (no matter if its the left or right) create false monsters who are merely a small sect of people. Now that is not to say that there arent terrorists who are Muslims but it is a fringe group and again as Juan Cole pointed out terrorists come in all shapes, races, and can be a part of any religion.

  • Obama and the End of Al-Qaeda
    • Do you have any idea what kind of risk we would have been putting not only ourselves but also Bin Laden at if we put him on trial. We would have had to put the security level at who knows what level and at the same time we would have to find a place to Put Bin laden probably some disclosed area and not tell anybody and that would have cost us a fortune. And then it would have cost us millions of dollars to put him on trial. A trial would have been a disaster, I'm not one for a lot of violence and killing but this was our only option.

  • Birth Certificate silliness Really Looks Petty Now
    • I realized that after I wrote my post that i had some grammar errors so I wanted to fix my post. I really do thank you Professor Cole for posting this picture, I think it is very funny but I wonder what will happen to the birther movement, will it die out? or will the republicans keep using it as a tool for their Presidential campaign for 2012. I also wonder about the conspiracy theorists and what their reaction to Osama being killed is and will it hurt Obama in the future? The last thing i wanted to say is that I really do believe what Obama said it true, some justice has been served but as usual the world will keep turning and there might be some backlash. Again I do appreciate this post it is very funny and does warrant laughter. And just maybe people will give Obama some slack now since Osama has been killed.

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