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  • Trumpcare is the best Advertisement for Nationalizing Insurance
    • Mexico, Single Payer healthcare, December 2011. When I went on vacation at the beach in Mexico in January 2017, I caught an upper respiratory illness . I went to the hospital. I was charged $3.50 for seeing a doctor (15 minute wait without an appointment) and $31 for medicine which included an antibiotic. Tell me which country provides medical care for all? The US or Mexico?

  • The Middle East Policy of President John Ellis "Jeb" Bush: Iraq, Iran Wars?
    • You wrote that Adelson contributed $100 Billion. This would be a typo. Addison gave about $100 Million to Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum and others in the 2012 campaigns.

  • New York: Solar Panels demand increasing despite drop in natural gas prices
    • William Barnes 02/22/2015 at 6:17 pm

      The CCTV piece on increased demand for solar panel makes an embarrassing gaffe near the end. The voiceover says that when the sun goes down solar panel users have no access to electricity or something like that. In truth, most of us who are off-grid have batteries (I have 12 connected in series to make a 24 volt system) connected to a charge controller and an inverter. When the sun goes down, stored electricity passes from the batteries through the inverter to the mains. Last week, the sun was covered with thick clouds for 3.5 days. My batteries provided electricity throughout.

  • Netanyahu Imported by GOP to ensure Iran War
    • Very simple to counter this. Obama can declare AIPAC a foreign agency and all Congresspersons who receive money from it must register as paid foreign agents. 2ndly, the State Department can DENY Netanyahu a VISA for entry, as he is a state terrorist attacking civilian populations in GAZA. Then the real debate can begin about support of State Terrorism.

  • Obama Plans for complete US Withdrawal from Afghanistan in December
    • I think you're overlooking the key issues to continued American involvement in Afghanistan. 1. The military wanted to train its junior officers with no battlefield experience in firefights, free fire zones, patrols, and counter terror night raids. 2. The military wanted to give free rein to JSOC forces to test out new tactics and strategies for dealing with indigenous fighters. 3. The military needed a locale to test out new weapons, such as lasers and infra-red items and satellite targeting, outside of the scrutiny of the Western press and independent reporters such as Scahill. 4. The war profiteers, lobbyists, and corporate suppliers wanted the avenue to Afghanistan to be kept open where a gallon of gasoline cost $400 to reach the military depots in the country. Each travel mile lined the pockets of the profiteers such as Halliburton.
      The issue of Afghans and Pakistanis being concerned about the USA withdrawing is a red herring. You may be referencing the warlords or American intelligence operatives in Afghanistan. The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the 19th century Durand Line, is a myth for the Pashtuns. And that is the reason fighting will continue, just as the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey keep fighting for a homeland and national unity.

  • Elites Stick together against Us: Feinstein Slams NSA Merkel Tap
    • Even today, October 29, 2013, a day after Feinstein's feigned shock over the Merkel cellphone surveillance, her committee is doing a mark-up of her bill to CONTINUE bulk surveillance of the American people.

      Feinstein is an enabler and uncritical lover of the NSA.

  • I lived to See the Day when the Pope and the President of Iran are more doctrinally Flexible than the GOP
    • You know someone from Iran? Are they harking back for the rhetoric and action of Ahmedinejad? Exactly how will Iran make economic progress except by engaging Obama and Europe and throw off the economic terrorism the USA has pursued by the owners of its foreign policy?

  • Afghanistan: If a White House Report on a Massacre isn't Released, did the Massacre Happen? (Currier)
    • Of course the CIA was involved despite Hayden's attempt to fog this issue. CIA Agent Johnny Michael Spann was present during these operations. The surviving prisoners were unloaded from containers at the Mazari Sharif Fort. Spann was attempting to interrogate John Walker Lindh when several prisoners who had not been searched properly started firing weapons and Spann was killed. LIndh was trying to explain to Spann why he was fighting against General Dostum, one of the Afghan warlords from Uzbekistan.

  • "Argo" as Orientalism and why it Upsets Iranians
    • You say that Stone's work is jaundiced and inaccurate. Tell us one thing that is inaccurate. You lump Stone with Moore. Moore hasn't presented his view of politics in a history.

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