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carlo Geneletti

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  • Nearly a year after Trump bombed Syria, al-Assad and Russia extend control
    • don't you find contradictory these two statements: "Some have had relationships with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda (to the distress of Gulf patrons, who tried to get them to cut that out)" and "Idlib is also a deescalation zone. It is dominated by Salafi fundamentalists grouped in the Syrian Conquest Front, composed mainly of the old Nusra Front, the al-Qaeda affiliate"?
      The fact is that the "rebels" in Syria are by and large close to Al Qaida in ideology and often branches of Al Qaida, and that the West has supported them, with help from the Gulf theocracies.

  • Trump Engineered Saudi Soft Coup, attack on Qatar, to Save Self
    • Saudi Arabia may be hostile to Al Qaida at home, but has supported it wholeheartedly abroad. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had turned peaceful, but not the Syrian branch, which has advocated for intervention against Assad, and is thought to have been behind the rapid militarization of the protest movement in Syria.

  • Syria: Now that the US has Failed, what does 2017 Hold?
    • carlo Geneletti 12/31/2016 at 4:27 am

      Russia is not inclusive because the USa excluded itself. First it accepted Saudi demands that Iran not be at the negotiating table, thus killing Kofi Annan's efforts. Lately it has been incapable or unwilling to separate Al Qaida terrorists from rebels, as had been agreed in the latest peace efforts with Russia. Russia therefore has come to realize that she cannot trust the USa. And, in fact, nobody can trust the USA, see how it treated Kurds, Mujahedeen, etc. So. the USA's isolation is of its own doing. And I hope it keeps not intervening, by flooding the "rebels" *those responsible for the Twin Towers, with weapons.

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