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  • The Wider Appeal of ISIL and Sunni Grievances
    • Well said. But confronting those "successful" populations qualifies as heavy-lifting so long as the west needs crude as badly as it does, or wants to stroke its ego by taking on scary moslem boogey men [Saddam was a monster but wouldn't even make a top 10 top priorities list today or a top 5 right after 9/11; Yet we found the blood and treasure to go on that dalliance], or the US has an eye for what the NSA called "full spectrum dominance" internationally.

      Once we have nuclear fusion and a sober, enlightened Aristocracy in the US, maybe then we can see causes like the one you mentioned addressed instead of only managing symptoms. At this point, i'm expecting to see fusion first.

  • The Alamo of the Kurds: Kobane Near Falling to ISIL
    • I'm guessing you read the Harpers article on B-1 replacing A-10s for all the wrong reasons. Or right reasons i guess, depending on whether (A) you stand to profit monetarily or professionally by B-1 use, (B) you give a goddamn about people outside your small circle of family & friends losing their lives due to the decision, and (C) whether you view the Middle East as your own personal RTS sandbox (no pun intended) game.

  • Can Tony Blair Mess up Egypt even Worse?
    • It was the Assads or at the very least Syria in general. The initial press releases acknowledged this but the press & the authorities turned on a dime to switch to laying culpability at Gaddafi's feet. In turn, Gaddafi obliged playing the role of the boogie man to serve his own ends.

      See: link to

  • The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch
    • Very informative. Keep up the great work.

      That said, a blog post about the friction between the more fundamentalist Islamic authorities (Khamenei) & the more pluralistic ones (Rouhani) would be really appreciated. Iran would be a much easier sell to the American public as well as Washington as a "Natural Ally" if it took a few steps toward religious universalism. And from time to time, there are reports of verbal dust-ups between the two sides inside of Iran. I figure Professor Cole would do a great job, as he usually does, explaining the state of the detente between the sides or whether the is a looming confrontation between the sides approaching instead.

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