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  • Muslims of Liberated Saraqeb, Syria, put up Christmas Tree for Local Christians
    • Well that's a most wonderful thing, and boy did I need to see that.


      (Thank you in Lakota. And to you, too, Oui, and Egyptian123)

      We see you.

  • Top Ten Ways NRA Stole Christmas this Year
    • I was a hunter by age seven or eight and went through the NRA training for kids and got a card stating so. Frankly, in the rural area and socioeconomic status thereof, a deer was a real help to feed a family. However, that entirely honorable ethos the NRA had was, like the original well-meaning teaparty, bought. No real gun safety organization as the NRA was then would recognize what these tools seem to advocate for now. Ditto the Republican party, same story. It's all about greed.

  • The Real War on Christmas: GOP Rejection of Tax Rise on Rich could End Tax-Break for Charitable Giving
    • They will kick the poor in the face, the only difference is whether it's in boots with or without hobnails. I mean, these are people that protect drug cartel bankers.

  • European Human Rights Court finds CIA Guilty of Torture
    • eli_skenandore 12/16/2012 at 6:48 am

      You nailed it there: Operation Condor had a presence in the US, as well, to say nothing of those retired whom turned their skill-sets into private enforcement for such industries as extractive mineral corporations, security companies, others.

  • Egypt's Morsi Backs down Slightly, but Opposition to Campaign against his Referendum
    • Thank you, Professor Cole. I'd like to point out that it's probable that Morsi has to protect himself from his own party, as well? Also, I appreciate the fact that you are about the only person I have noticed meaninfully point out the problem of not participating: the boycotting, refusing to parley- which it seems that the ethical Egyption military acknowleded, and advocated for, as well. Granted, it seems the Egyptian debate process to us has been far too short as compared to what became the literary product of the good minds that created our Federalist papers-- to say nothing of the inhouse verbal debates, as well. For example, what I'm seeing virtually nothing of, from Egypt, however, is the role of secular protections being developed from Constitutional public debate and texts that illuminate the reasons why it strengthens the freedom, therefore authenticity, of choosing to be Muslim, Christian, or other. But is that a problem of the parties refusing to listen, or that of those refusing to participate because of the perception that nobody listens? I don't believe that was a Morsi problem, rather, the problem of the body. That's certainly all repairable. And honestly, I'm gaining the utmost respect for the Egyptions.What that we had that passion in the streets when bad and secret laws were passed in the US under Bush Cheney.

  • Egypt Constitutional Crisis: Morsi to Meet Judges as Weekend Clashes leave Two Dead, hundreds wounded
    • I don't see how he might have done things much differently - maybe some gentler finesse in how he went about it, but that's some very limited hindsight. I do believe President Morsi's stated reasons as to why he did the decree, and why he thought it critical, and necessary. On the other hand, I can easily understand the public reaction, as well. It seems to me that, given he seems to have no real history of disingenuous moves (from what I can tell) that it's probably prudent to, just this one time, for just these few months, give him the benefit of the doubt. It's also unfair to paint Morsi with the brush stained with bad actors in the Brotherhood. In American Indian Country, we have a story about the "crabs in the pot" whereas the crab trying to escape the boiling water in the pot is constantly pulled back in by the other crabs. And they all die. That much of the American Press is characterizing Morsi's move as a "power grab" is illustrative of same.

  • On Libya, Biden Let Ryan Get Away with Murder (Smith)
    • Thank you so much, Mr. Smith, for your enlight. It's one of the very few things I've read that helped me understand what a treasure we had in Chris Stevens, particularly your words stating his belief in Libya's positive outcome “having received the right measure of international help” from the Obama administration: “enough to win their friendship, but not so much as to deny them ownership of their revolution.”

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