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  • Muslims of Liberated Saraqeb, Syria, put up Christmas Tree for Local Christians
    • That is very kind to do for others. This world does not need, hate and violence. I am very weary of seeing innocent people killed. I am tired of seeing children, with no arms or legs. I am tired of seeing dead people lying in streets.

      Muhammad so I was told, was a very wise, gentile, kind prophet, very tolerant of others. Many Muslim people have said this to me. Muhammad was a teacher to his people and, that is what he taught.

  • Two Canadians Discover the US has become a Police State
    • Typical dumb@$$ jerks arrogant Americans.

      Americans are winning Canadian contracts. One contract was, the tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat Port. They brought their own workers with them. The few Canadians that did get jobs, were treated like dirt by the Americans. They weren't even given safety gear. They had to breathe in Aluminum dust. They were not given respirators, as the American workers were. They are also building the new smelter. The citizens in that tow, will be more than happy for them to get out and leave. There is booze permitted in their camp, totally against Canadian laws.

      What stores am I shopping in to-day? I have no idea, perhaps one store will catch my eye. Perhaps it won't.

      We even have the gaddamned American police intruding, operating and living in our country.

      We had Front Porch Strategies, two Americans Wenzel and Parker participated directly in 14 Conservative campaigns. Robo-calls came out of the U.S. too.

      Like it's our fault the terrorists hate the Americans? Very few country's like the Americans. We were always told to wear, a Canadian maple leaf pin. So country's wouldn't think we were Americans.

  • In Race against Carbon Catastrophe, Solar Power is Making Strides
    • Solar energy for individual homes is available. However, the cost is far more than the 99% can pay. The price will stay that way, until we run out of oil. Then the government will take over, and charge an arm and a leg for the Solar and/or wind power. Same with green powered vehicles, they are way over the average persons budget.

      In BC, household utilities costs are obscene. Some of us, are getting together, to see if solar would be more reasonably priced, if a large group got together.

      In BC, citizens are going underground. The price gouging in BC is terrible. Food costs are so high, people who would have never thought, they would have to rely on the Food Banks, find they now have to. They say, be prepared for your community, to feed everyone within a 100 mile radius. Instead of paying over $15.00 for one chicken, I now pay $6.50. Many of us grow our own vegetables. Or vegies are available in farmers markets. Organic eggs and meats of all kinds are readily available too. All I buy from the supermarket is, salt, pepper, coffee, tea, flour and sugar. I try to support the mom and pop stores. I saved $2,500 on a bath room reno, through the underground.

      The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, work for Harper....Harper refuses to answer, why Canadians can save up to $7,000 per year by shopping in the U.S. Canadians save mega bucks by gassing up their vehicles in the U.S. as well.

      Perhaps read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was in Sept 25/2007. Harper even encourages Canadians to shop in the U.S. Perhaps, this is why.

  • Biden to Romney "Dude, you are so 1975" and "If you Plan war with Iran, tell us Now"
    • Since the giant oil and gas corporations thrive on wars, there must be a war going on, at all times. If there isn't a war, then one must be instigated. It's very easy to pick a fight. The Saudi's have WMD, or some such farce.

  • Climate Change Disaster looms despite Durban Agreement
    • The Durban agreement, isn't worth the powder to blow it to hell. Year 2015, how asinine is that?

      P.M. Harper was bullying country's into accepting the dirty tar oil, at a meeting on climate change!!! Harper is less than honest about the dirty tar pollution, on the eco systems. So what if they are cutting down, the last Boreal Forests in North America? So what if there is deformed fish, in Athabasca Lake, and mercury, heavy metals and cancer causing agents in the mighty Athabasca River. Another flock of ducks died, from landing in that filthy sludge. The Caribou are dying. A First Nations village, is dying from cancer, even the very rare cancer, of exposure to petroleum.

      The planet is already in a disaster mode. Floods, droughts, tornado's and hurricane's, much more severe and a great many more in number. Then, there is the huge hole in the ozone, over the far north.

      If we want to save this planet, we have to get rid of Harper. Never have I ever seen, anyone so rabid for money as Harper. He is embarrassing.

  • The End of the Beginning in Afghanistan
    • We can win the battles, but, not the war.

      When the troops pull out. I can see tribal wars, women being stoned to death again. Female children, not allowed any schooling. Ethnic cleansing. Corrupt police, corruption, in government, oops that sounds like some other country's I know. But , trouble in the Arab country's, seems to be a way of life for them.

      If the troops have stopped the murdering of women, and girls can go to school. Then it hasn't been in vain.

  • No need for Torture. Did a Telephone Call to al-Qaeda in Iraq Unravel Bin Laden?
    • Torturing the enemy, means we must expect the same back.

      It reminds me of the rage the troops had, when everyone in the Fort at the Alamo were all killed by Santiago. Help came too late. The troops battle cry was, remember the Alamo, and their revenge was indeed terrible.

      The Russian army's revenge on the German army and the German civilians, was dreadful. The Russian civilians, suffered horrific violence, by the German army. Inhuman violence begets inhuman violence.

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