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Helen Fox

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  • Elizabeth Warren Crushes Chris Matthews, And A Word On Cement
    • Not really. I just want her not to say that "everyone" did well during those years. That's misleading and simplistic.

    • The problem is, though, Warren glosses over the racism of the Roosevelt years (and beyond) when "everyone" had a chance to get ahead because of government investments in jobs and infrastructure. The exclusion of people of color from the jobs and education she (and Matthews) says were so important to overall prosperity needs to be addressed if she is going to build a grassroots base for her election.

  • The Mandela Problem of the AWM Wing of the GOP
    • Your link for paragraph 5 cites Rick Santorum, not Paul Ryan, as the politician who compared Obamacare to Apartheid. Which makes a lot more sense.

  • How a Bill Becomes Law (George Carlin)
    • Carlin says the big money interests running the country don't want critical thinkers. But it's more complicated than that. They want willing graduates who THINK they are critical thinkers because they've done so well at elite institutions. But actually, our best and brightest have rarely been exposed to the ideas, issues, critiques, and alternative visions that would cause them to question and actively oppose the un-freedoms they so readily accept.

  • Is it Racism? Why did we Ignore New Orleans but obsess about Boston?
    • Amazing that so many responses suggest racism was not involved in the media silence, or if it was, only a little bit. Horrors! ANYTHING but racism! Of course, recognizing racism in a media event doesn't mean that Anderson Cooper or any other journalist is a flat-out racist. News is all about advertising, which is all about reaching an audience. If the majority of Americans would rather grieve over people who look like them, it shall be done. What a country.

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