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  • Washington's Supreme Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons and Civilian Deaths
    • Janet Contursi 04/06/2017 at 6:43 pm

      Hey Juan -- your first sentence gives you away -- there has been no investigation yet, so you cannot credibly talk about "The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army in Idlib" -- you are just contributing to the hysteria and warmongering the Democrats initiated to take the focus off of their own war crimes and election fraud. Smarter writers than you have pointed out the logical reasons why Assad did not do this, and why the "rebels" likely did. This regime change mania has to stop, and shame on you for contributing to it.

  • Wikileaks: Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza
    • This is just pure genocide, plotted in a cold and calculating way. How any Jew can support this is unimaginable.

  • Obama Should Let the UN apply Economic Sanctions to Israel
    • I don't think Obama has sympathies. Ralph Nader nailed Obama:

      "He has no fixed principles. He's opportunistic - he goes for expedience, like Clinton. Some call him temperamentally conflict-averse. If you want to be harsher, you say he has no prlnciples and he's opportunistic."
      link to

    • Actually, it would be the one decent accomplishment of his entire term.

    • People who play fast and loose with the word "anti-semitic" lose credibility fast. No where in this article did Cole say that "AIPAC has the ability to determine Presidential outcomes." All he said was that Obama "is already being defied by the Israel lobbies, which will surely oppose his reelection bid in 2012." Note: oppose does not equal determine, just as critic of Israel does not equal anti-semite. So tired of these word games in the cause of Apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

  • Scammed in Afghanistan
    • This is sickening, and the American taxpayer is paying for it. This should make our blood boil even more. America is a fool's paradise.

  • On How War with Iran might Destroy the United States
    • Broder is way past his expiration date as a journalist. He should just retire and leave the warmongering to the neocons. The problem with American opinionists is that they, too, are victims of the dumbing-down of the nation--they pontificate about issues they know little about because their audience is even dumber and knows even less. There is no fact checking, no truth criteria, and no accountability. Broder will neither apologize nor set the record straight. He has a divine right to spout his opinions, regardless how ludicrous, foolish and assinine they are.

  • Ted Nugent vs. Jon Stewart: Fumigating the Democrat Rats vs. Can't we all Get Along?
    • Calling for "reason" after the crooks and liars have made off with the goods just smacks of naivety and/or collusion. Stewart brought thousands to Washington for what? A love in? A hug fest? He could have used the stage to demand jobs, health care (the real kind), and peace. Instead he recycled Obama's bipartisanship garbage. And the media ate it up, in contrast to Ed Schultz's rally for jobs and peace. So, maybe collusion is the winner. Garbage in, garbage out.

  • Meyer: NY Times: Saber-rattling Against Turkey
    • Isn't it clear--at least since 1991--that the NYT will miss no opportunity to slander any Muslim person or nation?

  • Historic UNSC Condemnation of Israel, and of Gaza Blockade;
    World Body Demands release of Aid Activists, Ships
    • The Israeli military has once again proven that it is a cowardly bunch of thugs. As per the Goldstone report, the Israeli military used civilians as human shields in Gaza. Now it is attacking and murdering civilians. This military has been trained to ignore international law and basic human decency. It has become just another genocidal junta -- only, thanks to the America taxpayer, a very well-equipped junta.

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