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  • Only Putin is happy with Trump's NATO Bull-in-China-Shop Catastrophe
    • Correct. Right on the money. You might also have mentioned that Crimea requested annexation by Russia several times prior to the US fomenting o coup in Ukraine, but Russia refused to honor these requests until the Ukrainian coup was followed by a referendum in which Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to rejoin Russia and Russia finally accepted their request. Russia is not the aggressor here, we are. Shame on Juan the historian for not keeping up with current events and uncritically accepting American propaganda.

  • Washington's Supreme Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons and Civilian Deaths
    • C'mon Juan after every single previous accusation of the use of chemical weapons by Assad turned out to be mistaken you STILL get suckered into believing this one? I would really like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge cheap. You can turn a quick profit on it, honest. The building that was hit doesn't have to be a chemical warehouse for these people to store toxins in it. These people don't answer to OSHA you know. They cut off people's heads and kill you via suicide. If you seriously think Assad is responsible for this one then watch out Charlie Brown because Lucy is about to pull the football away from you again. You really need to start thinking in terms of the US military and intelligence community having exactly zero credibility at this point. The idea that Russia gave emails to Wikileaks rather than two American insiders - BS. The four DIFFERENT stories the military tried to Palm off on us about why they bombed a MSF hospital - BS. The absolute certainty they had that Assad attacked Ghouta with sarin - BS. Etc, etc, etc. All 100% pure BS. All Nusra has been making and using bathtub sarin for years in Syria now. My money is on more of the same.

  • Donald "Dr. Strangelove" Trump and some of the Times We almost had a Nuclear War
    • You should watch Stephen Cohen's interview on CNN regarding Donald Trump 's criticism of our currently overly aggressive stance toward Russia and the danger this poses of triggering a nuclear war. Stephen Cohen is a liberal, not some conservative hack. Furthermore he is a distinguished Russia scholar. He knows what he is talking about. We are currently in a new cold war which Clinton will undoubtedly exacerbate. With her well-documented bad judgement and hawkish temperament Clinton will increase the risk of nuclear war substantially when she becomes president. Donald Trump is a loose cannon, but does not pose the same risk for the reason outlined above. If you or Juan Cole are worried about nuclear war you should vote for Jill Stein If this enables Trump to become president (it won't) at least he poses less of a nuclear war threat than Clinton. You can find Prof. Cohen's CNN interview on YouTube by searching for "Russia scholar Stephen Cohen shuts down CNN"

  • How the NRA is harming American Security: Mass Shootings as Serial Terrorism
    • Homeland Security doesn't need to do anything to stop domestic terrorism because we are fulfilling our entire antiterrorism obligation by sending our forces overseas. Remember that we fight them there so that we don`t have to fight them here.

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