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  • Trumpists beat Muslim-American Child of frmr Fulbrighter, harass Family out of US
    • Don't say they should move. Freedom of religion is not a state's right in the US, it's in the Federal Constitution and there's enough blaming the victim already.

  • 7 Myths about the Radical Sunni Advance in Iraq
    • Any time you say "should" it is not a myth but an opinion. This starts out very well, refuting half-truths, misunderstandings and misinformation that is going around. It ends up confusing policy options with myths and losing its way.

  • On D-Day: Remembering the Muslim Troops who Fought the Axis
    • Don't forget the Muslims of Soviet Central Asia, either. Or the many Nigerian Muslims who fought and died in Ethiopia and elsewhere. It wasn't just Indians and Senegalese. Whatever we may think of their Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia also supported the Allied cause and freely lent their name to propaganda efforts.

  • Top Ten Things Bob Gates was Wrong about, Some Criminal
    • "Gates’s petty gossip about his former colleagues should put an end to the pusillanimous Democratic Party tradition of appointing Republicans as secretaries of defense in Democratic administrations."

      It's not necessarily pusillanimous, rather an attempt to keep military affairs non-political and unite the country. Lincoln appointed a Democrat Secretary of War. Wilson should have appointed a Republican, as FDR did. When General Clark was running for the Democratic nomination he said he wouldn't appoint a Republican because Republicans never appointed Democrats and the public didn't realize the Republicans were playing politics with defense, they thought the Republicans were the party of defense and the Democrats were acknowledging that as a fact. Of course, if you're a 4-star general you don't need to establish your defense cred, but there is a case for SecDefs from the opposition. The problem with today's Republicans is that they don't accept loyal opposition, even when they're the opposition.

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