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  • Christians in a Changing Arab World are Making their own Destinies
    • Wow, Super 390. Some years ago I was trying to discuss during Christmas yet, my visits with the Christians of Bethlehem, yeah Bethlehem, with someone who advertised their Christianity. I was quickly dismissed with, "Well, they're the wrong kind of Christians!" I never knew. . .

    • The Catholic Archbishop of Westminster remembered the Palestinian Christians in his Christmas message. Speaking about greed, arrogance, self-centered ambition and brutal lack of respect for human life, he said:

      "That shadow falls particularly heavily on the town of Bethlehem tonight. At this moment the people of Beit Jala prepare for their legal battle to protect further expropration by Israel. Over 50 families face losing their land and their homes as action is taken to complete the separation wall across the territory of Bethlehem."

  • McCain Plays Politics with Obama's Iraq Withdrawal
    • Australia just announced a "permanent military presence" of 250 Marines on its territory. That should make McCain happy. Apparently, there's a potential kangoroo threat there.

  • News that Makes you Go 'Hunh'?
    • The Prof is correct. Listening to the Republican candidates debate last night, it was apparent that the only one who gets the blame, at least in those circles, is the present administration. The only candidate who tried to steer the debate in the direction of the banks, Ron Paul, was duly jumped on by the other candidates, and the audience dutifully booed the idea that the banks may bear some responsibility.

      The only "ideas" that emerged from that debate was to weaken government regulations and oversight even more, deny schooling and medical care to the children of illegal immigrants, cut foreign aid, but not to Israel, ask Iraq and Libya to reimburse the USA for "liberating" them, and of course cut taxes. So much from the graduates of Oral Roberts University.

  • Amanda Knox and Troy Davis
    • Another aspect: There was considerable booing from the Italians watching the verdict. The only person who still stands accused and is in jail is Rudy Guede, the young man from the Ivory Coast. He is just a poor immigrant with no money, so in the world of American PR and Amanda Knox, he is expendable.

  • Palestine, Bahrain and US Hyprocrisy
    • Wrong, Joe. Truman worked very hard to get the UN General Assembly to pass a 2/3 resolution to recognize Israel. When it became apparent that there would not be a 2/3 vote, the US got the Gen. Assembly to delay the vote. Three countries, Liberia, Philippines and Haiti, had previously voted against the resolution. The US and Truman got busy to work especially those three countries. Later, some delegations complained of "diplomatic intimidation".

      As an editorial in the Christian Century later said: Without "terrific pressure" from the US on "governments which cannot afford to risk American reprisals," the resolution would never have passed.
      LawrenceofCyberia.blogspot has the overview.

  • Israeli Likud Gov't Buffeted by Turkish Suit, Massive Protests
    • Don't have much sympathy for those alyah-making foreigners in Israel who are now protesting. How many of them have ever noticed the Palestinians? Most of them have dual-citizenship anyway, and can always go back to their home countries. Walking around the Jewish areas of Jerusalem, it is difficult not to miss the number of apartments that seem to be unoccupied. Obviously, many wealthier Jews keep apartments in Jerusalem (and probably elsewhere) and treat Israel as a summer camp.

  • Qaddafi was a CIA Asset
    • Now we know why Qaddafi had that adoring photo album of Condoleeza Rice's pictures.

      The Brits MI5 was just as venal. They reported to Qaddafi on Libyan dissidents in Britain, allowing Quadaffi's agents to "disappear" them. Some were tried in the UK as "terrorists" and received jail sentences in Britain. No doubt there will be many more revelations. Moussa Koussa left a lot of files behind, but apparently he took some with him, no doubt to blackmail selected Western governments should they start looking towards some international tribunal.

      Re Cockburn et al. I live in an Eastern European country. I remember the same aghast commentary from those circles when the USSR and Gorbachov started to crumble. Is it nostalgia for George III or what?

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