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  • Our News and their News
    • Well, for heaven's sake, don't watch our news. Watching our news numbs you a little bit every time you listen to their lies and propaganda. Watch the other drivel for entertainment purposes, but get all your news from the internet. It's amazing how quickly your brain de-fogs when you make the decision to do that.

  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
    • One quibble: don't call the protesters "youth." As Lambert at Correntewire wrote:
      "So, the leaderless movement in TS includes, if it is not driven by, a rather unassuming and yet extremely media-savvy set of twenty- and thirty-something activists. (I refuse to use the word "youth," because that implies a lack of maturity. In fact, the Egyptian movement has been stunningly, staggeringly mature.)"
      link to

  • Day of Wrath no. 7 in Egypt
    • In the article, the Muslim Brotherhood is quoted:
      "And we do not agree on he himself to become representing [sic] this movement, the movement is represented by itself, and it will come up with a committee... to make delegations with any government."
      I can understand their point. Committees are much better. I like ElBaradei, but the Egyptian people should not totally trust one leader at this point.
      I also read Obama was on the phone to Edogan. I'll bet he IS worried about Turkey's stance. I remember when the U.S. wouldn't support Turkey during the flotilla massacre.

  • Mubarak's Response to Demand for end of Military Rule
    • I don't trust the U.S. to do anything positive in this situation. Our leadership is so beholden to the defense industry and the oil industry that nothing good can come about if they stick their noses in this. "Working behind the scenes" just means figuring out ways to squelch the revolution and help Israel.

  • Bradley Manning and Mohamed Bouazizi
    • "President Obama, has made some important advances in abolishing torture and restoring some civil liberties.."
      I would like to know about these "important advances." I don't know of any. Would you please elaborate?

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