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  • Flow Chart of Authority in Today's Egypt (!!!)
    • I may be mistaken, but the Egyptian army is deeply embedded in the commercial and foreisn affairs of the country. They will continue to play a critical role in the evolution of Egypt's position relative to it's neighbors, particularly Israel.

  • Romneynejad: We didn't have gays in the 1960s
    • I agree Romney should not be tarred and feathered over this. But it seems his campaign was the one promoting his "pranks" thus directing attention to his youthful indiscretions. Personally, I don't think the man is homophobic (though I have no basis for knowing). What it appeared to me was a reaction against those that don't conform. That said, we should not judge the man on his youthful years, but on how he approaches diversity of lifestyles, choices and values as a leader. He needs to point to a track record as an adult in order to argue this was an error of his immaturity.

  • The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Sternfeld
    • Is the American public so very different? Haven't we been bombarded with cynical media opinion shows that deride compromise and political "analysis" that is breathlessly focused on personalities and the poll-of-the-day? Don't we share a national mistrust of foreigners and an unwillingness to abide by international rule of law when we find it inconvenient?

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran
    • Certainly Bibi has no obligation to agree with US policy, publicly or otherwise, as he is first to declare. Yet even his own senior officials have said publicly what Gen. Dempsey has said. If Bibi thinks it unwise to differ with a major ally in negotiations with Iran, it would behoove him to talk less and listen more.

  • Active Nuclear Arsenals and Iran's Absence
    • I meant to say "have their hands on the rudder of the economy of their powerful Islamic neighbor". Sorry for the poor typing.

    • To further the argument of the reliability of the Russians as partners, consider their proximity to Iran. The Russians would no doubt like to have their hands on the rudder of their powerful, Islamic nation on their fractious border with Georgia, the Black Sea and the Caucasus. That way they could exert unrivaled pressure on Iran both overtly and covertly to further their own aims in the region, including but not limited to halting Islamic resistance to the reassertion of Russian dominance.

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