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  • Stewart Skewers King on Islamophobia
    • The IRA is better equated with the PLO. It has nothing much in common with Al Quaeda. People arguing otherwise to make King look bad are silly. Like it or not both the PLO and IRA had a mass constituency which was proven time and time again at the polls. And most actions targeted the military, the police apparatus, or informants.

      King's remarks can be condemned on their own basis, not by drawing weak parallels. We get it, white people do bad things too. But whether or not King supported the IRA isn't the crux of argument. Plenty of non-IRA folks also support these Muslim extremist hearings. Therefore, focus on condemning the hearings on their own merit.

  • Arab League Requests UNSC to Impose No-Fly Zone
  • It's Official: Tunisia Now Freer than the U.S.
    • The US promises to be an ugly place in the coming decades. Declining freedom and declining material wealth for the majority.

      Time to tell the youth to emigrate ?

  • Scenarios for Egypt's Future: How Democratic Will it Be?
    • Keep in mind that in the Philippines a US backed dictator was pushed from power. Also consider the rural Communist guerilla movement as today's Muslim Brotherhood that the US was worried about taking power (they boycotted the '86 election with fatal consequences).

      Ukraine and the color revolutions aren't similar parallels to Egypt at all; for one, they were Western backed.

    • The Philippines People Power movement is a close analogy to what happened in Egypt.

      The Philippines today is a democracy - with extreme and widespread poverty, corruption , political assassination of leftists, and an exodus of educated middle class.

      These type of movements can be stillborn if they are not followed up on and a social revolution in terms of property and capital should be the start of the discussion. Otherwise the other aspects of civil society will become quickly corroded.

  • New Wikileaks: US Knew Tunisian Gov. Rotten Corrupt, Supported Ben Ali Anyway
    • I wonder if the message other autocratic leaders will take from this is to keep their population 'dumb'. Tunisia has a very educated population. Unemployed and educated is often a dangerous combination for governments.

      In comparison, Egypt has seen a rise in illiteracy and a probably related increase in sectarianism, the later a common strategy by rulers to divide 'the masses'.

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