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  • Gaza: Why a 'Cease-Fire' is Not enough
    • From where did the concrete (used to line the terrorist tunnels) come? Israel, of course. Israel let it be imported into Gaza to be used for something constructive, like buildings, road, etc. Hama chose to use it for tunnels.

  • Egypt: One Soldier Dead, 3 Wounded, as Muslim Brotherhood Clashes with Army, Secularists in Provinces
    • And when (or if) new elections are held, and another president is elected, and his opponents take to the streets, will the military intervene again? What good it is to have a civilian-led government if the military can do this? Morsi was bad, but not horrible. He was elected, fair and square. And even if he were horrible, there was going to be another election in a few years. Maybe parliamentary democracy is a system the Egyptians will never be comfortable with. The US has had some doozies as president, but it has managed to hold things together pretty well. Removing a president like this in an extra-constitutional way, even a widely unpopular president, is bad news. I predict continuing turmoil, death, grief, etc. Sad

  • Fury Unbound: the Muslim Dilemma (Majid)
    • Thanks for this sane and insightful article. It is rarely pointed out that Jews, Christians, and others have been insulted. Their beliefs have been lampooned in the past - over and over. There members have been martyred. Where are the mobs of Jews and Christians and others killing and burning because of these slights? There aren't any. The Muslim world could be a great world, except it seems to be in love with violence and outrage. Obama should stop this endless apologizing. It makes no difference. One thing the Muslim world does understand and respect is power. Weakness and equivocation are not respected.

  • Wagging the Dog with Iran's Maxwell Smart
  • A Story More Important than Debt Limit Kabuki
    • I am part of the middle class, maybe even the upper middle class. I'd gladly pay more taxes, if, IF, if and only if, the government would get its pathetic act together. There must be cuts across the board and taxes must be raised on those who can afford them easily. I want to live in a country that is fair and takes care of those in need without discouraging work, personal responsibility, and thrift. The Republicans are mostly miserable, but the Democrats cannot control themselves when they have our money to spend - on whatever.

  • Afghan Protests against Qur'an-Burning cause Deaths
    • So, if I do something that is deeply insulting to you, it is MY fault if you lose it and go on a killing spree? That doesn't make any sense.

    • Jones is a deplorable person, a whack job. But, why are these 'protesters' killing people? Innocent people? Whose fault is that? Not Jones's, as reprehensible as he is. I may be old-fashioned, but I think that the killer holds the lion's share of the responsibility for his crime, not some kook 5000 miles away. Plenty of people deal with deep insults like this without killing people - in fact, without any violence at all. With reason and intelligence - which some of these protesters seem to lack completely.

  • Earthquake/Tsunami reminds us of Futility of War
    • A horrible, horrible disaster. Let's hope the international community quickly responds. Yes, the Japanese are a lovely people. So sad...

  • Egyptians Defy Protest Ban, Plan big Rallies for Friday; Death toll Rises to 6
    • These protests are great. With Tunisia, we have one brutal Arab dictatorship down, and, what?, 20 or so to go.

  • Witches, Exorcisms, and Billionaire Pickpockets
    • Showing such a video may have the opposite of the intended effect. There are people to whom this sort of thing is appealing. But, they probably wouldn't be reading Informed Comment in the first place.

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