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  • Which Middle East Authoritarian Leader is Trump most Like?
    • It is pathetic that you compare Erdogan with Sissi. But then that is expected. Facts really do not matter when ideological points have to be scored. Erdogan was brought back to power by the people of Turkey after a military coup attempt by one of hte most powerful armies in the Middle East, an army that has ruled Turkey for decades. Sissi on the other hand came through the barrel of a gun with thousands slaughtered and jailed after overthrowing a legitimately elected -LEGITIMATELY - government. But you do not care. As always democracy, legitimacy of the right to rule are no considerations for you if the party in power is not ideologically aligned with you. Erdogan is liked, respected and admired by a large number of Turks who have elected him again and again because of what he has done for Turkey. But that does not matter. Where Turkey has been brought from where it was when Erdogan took power does not matter at all for you. You really do not like democratic right of the people to choose their own governments. People must first get an approval from you before they elect their leaders.

  • Egyptian Police Clear Brotherhood Sit-Ins, at cost of Scores of deaths, injuries
    • Congratulations. Finally the champions of democracy, liberal values and human rights have prevailed with the help of self styled desktop warriors for these causes. After all what is a couple of lives here and there in order to achieve these lofty goals! Now Egypt will once again see days of peace, prosperity and progress as the 21st century Pharaohs assert their historical control and establish absolute and total domination of the fortunate inhabitants of the valleys and delta of the great Nile. Great days are ahead for them, just waiting around the corner. Let us welcome the beginning of this new golden era for Egypt. Kudos to those who made it possible. Good job. Keep on the good work.

  • Top Reasons John McCain and Lindsey Graham have no Credibility for Egypt Talks
    • >> Graham doesn’t like people to win elections if he doesn’t like them.

      Just like the author. Hypocrisy seems to have no bounds.

  • Top 10 reasons to welcome departure of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Only the Neocons will miss Him
    • It does not matter weather it is Ahmadenejad or Rouhani, or Rfsanjani, or Erdogan or Mahatheer, or Mursi. Any one who tries to follow an independent line is condemned. To stay in the good books they have to be a Hosni Mubarak, Assisi, Abdullah, Reza Pahlavi, Saadaat, Pinochet ....

  • Egyptian Backlash against Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi's Call for foreign Intervention in Egypt
    • A story written by another MB representative Robert Fisk about the happenings in Egypt:

      link to

      Eyewitness in Egypt: 'Most Were Shot in the Face – Only One in the Back'
      The hospital next to the Rabaa mosque was filled with the blood of 37 corpses, the doctors using two weeks' worth of medical supplies in two hours

  • Egyptian authorities release CCTV Footage of Muslim Brotherhood Attack on 6 October Bridge
    • link to

      in a bizarre episode, most western journalists in the country were invited on a helicopter ride over Cairo's Tahrir Square an hour before the massacre began. After the killings, the ministry of the interior denied it had used live ammunition on demonstrators, despite eyewitness accounts from journalists, including BBC correspondents, who were present during the killings.

      "There must have been an injury every minute," said Mosa'ab Elshamy, a photojournalist unaffiliated with the Brotherhood, who photographed the attack for half an hour at around 4am.

      "I did not see any Morsi supporters with [firearms] at this point," he added. "I hid behind a tree, and all I saw were Morsi supporters throwing stones, or fireworks, or throwing teargas canisters."

    • link to

      Another propaganda piece by the MB.

  • A Tale of Two Bombings: Libya too Weak, Egypt too Strong
    • An eloquent defense of the military coup in Egypt. The article could have been written by an official commentator on Radio Cairo these days. It is amazing how similar all such official communiques are be they from Hosni Mubarak's, Qaddafi's, Bashar al Asad's or Saddam Hussain's of the world. Any one of them would be proud of the following formulation:

      >>Folks, the way you keep the Egyptian state secular is put it in the constitution and then make changing the constitution very, very hard. You don’t ban parties or party platforms, you create the framework within which they have to act.

      This is what they did while they were in power !!!!

  • Egypt's pro, anti-Morsi Demonstrators Settle in for the Long Game
    • >> One of the most troubling aspects of the movement that overthrew Morsi was that it eventuated in a military coup (not what the youth were demanding) rather than in a recall election. That is, the Rebellion/ Tamarrud Movement just wanted a new election in which Morsi had to defend his right to the presidency, after a year in which he acted arrogantly and high-handedly

      REALLY !!!! What a surprise INDEED !!!!!

  • Top Ten Ways Egypt Actually Does deeply Matter to the United States
    • >> . The Egyptian military provides a security umbrella to much of the Arab world, including to the small countries of the Oil Gulf and of the Arabian Peninsula along the Red Sea. The Middle East has 65 percent of the world’s known petroleum reserves, and produces about 30% of the world’s oil. ..... If Egypt becomes unstable and its instability is catching, American access to fuel and energy will be affected, as will that of many close American allies.

      For this reason we must ensure military dictatorships firmly tied to Western interests remain in power; of course in order to maintain the facade of support for democracy and freedoms, etc., we should create supine subservient classes who can provide he necessary cover to the naked military rule and support them with propaganda, ad-infinitum. Of course we never learn, be it Vietnam, Iran, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, etc., etc. What a sorry state of affairs.

  • Egypt: Prosecutor Comes after Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, as Divided Mass Protests Continue
    • >> The secular elite’s obvious determination to criminalize the Muslim Brotherhood, which is supported by millions of Egyptians, is a very bad sign for civil liberties in Egypt.

      Unfortunately it is too late to save any kind of "democratic" and "free dispensation in Egypt now. The time to hold the hands of the coup plotters and their sympathizers is gone. They will now do what they had been planning to do since the democratic forces were able to come to the front a year ago. Such commentary should have been done when it was needed.

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