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  • A World Multiply Endangered: Horseman of the Four Apocalypses
  • Obama's New Syria Strategy is Nixon's Vietnam Negotiation Tactics Redux (Meyer)
    • I agree 110%,, but that great logic has no effect when the goals are being set by the Saudis and our Military industrial complex. War, and the chaos that follows fuel the demand for more weapons,, and that is what we export. The circle of violence continues for the sake of profits. Sad, but true.

  • Obama Isolated at G8 on Arms for Syrian Rebels
    • Weapons and military related articles and services account to almost half of our total exports. This is what we do. About 700 billion dollars worth. Sad.

  • Why Obama doesn't want to intervene in Syria
    • I'm sorry to say that you are assuming that Obama is really in charge of those types of decisions,, and I'm not so sure anymore that he is capable of making those decisions himself. He has not yet crossed our military, so why would you suspect that now he might be able to go against what the mil/ind/complex controlled Pentagon is offering for a solution ? Obama has become a deer in the headlights of The Complex. The Complex will decide what is best for Syria. Obama will once again be the mouthpiece of our federal regime,, not the real leader. That type of leadership has been compromised. Obama has never been a true Commander and Chief of our military. A deer in the headlights methinks.

  • Congress Obsessed with American Muslims, Neglects real threat of White Supremacists
  • As Obama Greets Iranians on Nowruz, He's Made some Medicines hard to Afford (Jahanpour)
  • Top Ten Surprises of the Brennan Hearing on CIA Torture and Drones
    • I agree with your comment 100% . Drones create generations of hatred toward us. Iti s sad, but I think this is actually what our ,il/ind suppliers want; new demand for the weapons they are making. Without conflict there is no need for their services.

    • Seems they want us to be quite comfortable with a never ending state of war, a never ending state of killing each and every day. Perhaps they guess that the public will just eventually get used to this and accept that behavior,, and sadly, they just might be correct. Sad.

  • Republicans Tip world off to covert CIA Role in Libya
    • What? Intelligence personnel working inside an embassy ? Are you kidding? This actually goes on ?,,,,, Who in the world would not already guess that the Benghazi embassy was an intelligence center? Fellows,,, have we totally forgotten how to be clever? I think our CIA needs to read a few more "Travis McGee" novels. Yes, a horrible tragedy about our ambassador and staff, that could have easily been avoided by sufficient security. Perhaps our own arrogance allowed this catastrophe. When we invade a country, kill innocent civilians with bombs, there will be repercussions. This was one of them. Not so very long ago we had their leader camping out in Central Park. Two or three bad hot dogs from an undercover street vendor could have killed Ghadaffi there if that was our intention, or a missile or two from an F15 on his way home, or a timed bomb on his plane. We need to start thinking with our brains and not our pocketbooks. How soon before Americans will not feel comfortable traveling around this world? Every time we kill an innocent civilian we jeopardize the security of every American citizen. If we want to be the world's policeman, we need to do it without killing innocent people.Actually, it would be quite wonderful if we could figure out a way to do it without killing anyone. It appears that the county police in my own area have more sense and self control. Billions in a person's budget have horrible effects on their logic it appears. We are in big trouble if we keep expecting governments to create peace. Peace will come when people all over the world stand up to their governments and demand it. Not before.

  • Mitt Romney's coming War on Iran: A Tale of Two Conventions
    • There are many Iranians who have a great desire for regime change in Iran,, a change away from their religious fundamentalist controlled government. But, they do not want this change to come in the same violent form that came to Iraq. There are many Iranians who would welcome a progressive and modern government. The trick will be to coordinate our support with the Iranians who are willing to risk it all to make a stand against their idiot fundamentalists. Any military involvement would be a huge mistake. The Iranians I have met are some of the nicest people I have known. They are certainly not my enemies.

  • Real Patriotism is Recognizing the Cost for Vets of War (Jamiol Cartoon)
    • No, I beg to politely disagree sir. The most unjust thing about these wars are the horrors and chaos that the populations who we have invaded have had to suffer,, and slightly behind that in a close second place, is that neither the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan was necessary to protect our own country. Certainly I do not downplay the horrors suffered by our own troops who believed their leaders who told them these actions were necessary,, but they signed on as professional soldiers, willing to take orders to kill if ordered. It's all so wrong on so many levels, it might seem trite to disagree about which aspect is perhaps more unjust. Peace.

    • Yes,, you make a great point,,, a dream to have a wise and kind leader,, a fantasy,, I know. So much harder to educate and bring the minds of the people up to a level that might bring hope and peace,, still,, I can fantasize right ? Ha ha. You are right,, the wise and kind leader is a long shot for sure. Still,, I might pray for this in long traffic jams and boring straightaways. Peace.

    • I know a fellow who was accepted into the Army ( within the last couple of years,) after he told the recruiter that he had a lifelong history of very serious depression. He made it through basic training, and was about one month into studying how to be a battlefield medic when his depression really hit him hard. He was hospitalized and then discharged with a 100% disability. He gets a check from our federal government for about $1780 every month,, and will for the rest of his life if he so desires. My point? Yes, of course we should care for our returning soldiers,, but just as importantly, we should really take care when accepting some of these people into our militaries in the first place,, but of course we do not. Recruiters will have anyone and everyone sign up. And none of us know why our troops are in Afghanistan,, and that is costing us two billion dollars every week,, not taking into consideration the medical costs that will follow some of these returning soldiers the rest of their days. Bottom line,,, every war is bullshit, and these occupations we are involved with now are just for profits to the military suppliers. It is all bullshit,, and when the troops come home we should listen to them very carefully as they themselves tell us it was all bullshit.Just like a big corporation, our pentagon has a huge budget for advertising and recruiting these fellows. If you pay federal taxes you are enabling the continuous cycle of this horrible silliness. All done with clever lies,, to a population that cannot find a decent job in this country. When will we learn ? Probably when there is really no more money for these pricks to waste. Keep up the spirits that prevent wars, and discourage anyone you can from being a victim of this insanity.This democracy is a failing experiment, sold out to the highest bidder. I'd prefer a wise and kind leader to all this crap, I really would.

  • UN Official: CIA Drone Strikes on Rescuers a War Crime (Serle)
    • Would we allow even one drone strike to take place over our own land, would we allow even one innocent American civilian to die from a drone attack? No . So why do we think it is okay for our government to kill "suspected" terrorists with a pilotless drone in other countries? These are crimes, and quite horrible ones at that. Gee, I remember Obama the candidate being very critical of these "murder from the sky" drone attacks. I wonder who or what changed his mind,, or is he really just that good of an actor? He seemed like such a righteous dude,, didn't he ? If we are not protesting illegal drone attacks on civilian targets, we are quietly letting our federal government get away with murder,, it is indeed, just that simple.

  • Afghanistan Massacre: Unstable Soldiers, Untreated Brain Injuries, PTSD

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