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  • Egypt: Passive Aggression and Counter-revolution: Voters, Youth Stay Home
    • Sorry, must call out this bullshit! Youth did NOT stay home. Turnout was excellent. What is wrong with you, Juan? Please follow more closely - photos, comments, opinions OUTSIDE the US media (which has sided from the beginning with the Muslim Brotherhood, or their allies in Apr. 6th). You should be aware that the boycott FAILED, and most Egyptians (thankfully) don't read English and didn't know you and others claimed there was low turnout. Sabahy is simply not very popular, especially outside of Cairo and only won in his own district. But his run was important. Other candidates dropped out due to al-Sisi's popularity.

  • The Shame and the Danger of Egypt's 98% Vote
    • Dr. Cole's comments show he really does not understand what has occurred in Egypt, or is supporting his few colleagues in the country who boycotted the referendum along with April 6th and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm very saddened by his efforts and those of others at Al Jazeera Arabic /English to disdain the efforts of the 50 member Constitutional drafting committee headed by Amr Moussa; to ignore the beneficial aspects of the new Constitution; and cast aspersions on the democratic aims of the current government and the broader Egyptian public. I will never read his comments on Egypt again without remembering this inaccurate post.

  • Does Syria Stalemate Benefit Baath Regime?
    • I don't agree with your assessment that the "momentum is with the regime." That is what SANA wants you to think; along with Western journos/politicians who prefer to devote energy to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines (or any cause but Syria).
      In fact, a lot is happening in Damascus, Dara`a and Raqqa provinces which I do not see reported in the above media.
      But even if one accepted the notion of 'stalemate' - believe it is the rebels who gain in that they continue to be outweaponed & outmanned; survival is an achievement & along with it popular support which Assad appears unable to defeat.

  • Egyptian Police Clear Brotherhood Sit-Ins, at cost of Scores of deaths, injuries
    • Juan, you and the commentors are giving a wrong picture of what happened today in Egypt. The initial hour of the clearing of Nahda and Rabaa began with armed MB firing on the secuirty, earth movers not employed, loud warnings to vacate and tear gas. Security did not beat people, but escorted them out. I watched & here is another eyewitness account at Nahda. link to
      Trouble began later because pro-Morsi/MB left women inside Rabaa and some fired back, killing police. The trains stopping had no effect - because MB were mobilized in Alexandria - attacking churches, pro-Morsi and the Bibliotecha Alexandria & all over upper Egypt. No-one needed to take a train. The Muslim Brotherhood do not stand for freedom & they need to make a deal & convey to their 3rd and 4th level henchmen that they must cease violent attacks. Then they can participate as is the plan in Egypt's new government. As for your commentors. Wow! Clearly they don't care in the least about Egypt.

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