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  • Is Daesh/ ISIL a modern Raiding Pirate state?
    • Well, if you do want to try "Black Sails" from the beginning, starting with Episode One, Season One, and you don't mind paying $2.00 per episode, Amazon offers the program as streaming video for computer and television.

      That is a one-time-only payment. Once you've given Amazon your two dollars, you can watch an episode is often as you like.

      But the library is a better idea.

    • I recently read Colin Woodward's "The Republic of Pirates" and so know just enough to be dangerous. According to Woodward, during the "Golden Age of Pirates", even though established authorities did all in their power to portray them as such, pirate strongholds were by no means "dens of iniquity" .

      This was a time when European navies were horribly brutal to sailors, treating them virtually as slaves. By contrast, pirates elected the captains of their ships, split loot equitably, and avoided violent confrontation whenever possible, preferring intimidation to outright violence. And though Europeans and Americans were engaged in the wholesale enslavement of Africans, pirates accepted blacks into their crews as equals.

      Though it treats St. Mary's in Madagascar, the pirate stronghold Woodward's book principally focuses on is Nassau in the Bahamas. Both, being beyond the pale of colonial authority, were major smuggling centers, but neither was an especially violent place.

      Nassau during this period is the world depicted in the television series, "Black Sails", which I have quite enjoyed and highly recommend.

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