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  • Planned Israeli Detention Camps for Africans Draw Human Rights Protests
    • Hi,

      Our AlJazerra reported that the Pakistani American sponsered Seasame Street has been canceled due to rorting. It seems the production team was all staffed by the director's family members.

      Next week the Aussie ABC will have an hour on Bradley Manning the "forgotten man". Should be interesting and the clip a available on their website.


  • Oil Billionaires Plot Secret Campaigns against Renewable Energy (duh)
    • Here is an article about German renewable energy. During daylight hours of peak usage prices actually do DOWN. The details can be found at the link below.

      link to

      Remember, the Germans have made a commitment to produce energy without resorting to nuclear or traditional "dirty" energy. It has been an all out development program. Here are some of the results and they don't look good for coal, "fracking", or Western supported Middle Eastern dictatorships.

      Remember, Another World is Possible, despite the group that phrase is now associated with.

  • Visiting Liberty Square (Occupy Wall Street)
    • Hi,

      Saw your comment on dollar bills.

      I lave in Australia and our system is interesting. All prices are in cents we have no pennies and all bills are rounded to the nearest nickel. We have no dollar bills and have one dollar and two dollar pieces. All our "paper" money is color coded and made from plastic. It goes through the wash with no wear. Higher denominations are also sized larger so blind people can function more easily. You see, we have no hang-ups on the "value" of our currency ... we know its been devalued over the years and accept that.

      We also produce more currency for export than any other country in the world.

      As to the screwed up US democracy, from here it looks completely broken and on its way down hill. I spend much time apologizing for my American "half". I can't imagine what its like to be an American traveling the Middle East. I can't imagine what people there think of Americans.

      Now, if only the Aussies could beat the "All-Blacks" in rugby at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Yeah, when hell freezes over. Tonight is Samoa against south Africa ... Samoa is the underdog based on its population, but the Samoans are monsters and could spoil it for the Springboks. Time will tell.

  • Glaspie Memo Vindicates Her, Shows Saddam's Thinking
    • I went through the cable too. I found it very interesting but for other reasons.

      For those who would like to think American objectives towards Democracy in the Middle East are honorable, I defy anyone to find anything here that isn't about money and oil. Anything.

      I find the length and detail interesting. I haven't seen too many cables to compare, but it seems she is a serious public servant carefully documenting what she observed and covering her @ss. It seems she feels her meeting with Sadam was important.

      You claim in your post that his views are based on instability. I'm not convinced. He seems to be looking at high bills due to buying military hardware for a war and the low cost of oil. He seems to want to catch a break from other Middle East oil sheiks who are doing US bidding that in effect keeps him from making money to pay his bills. To his local supporters it looks like his American buddies have used him and now he's being played as a dupe. Now he's starting to look bad and he will need to react to save face if nothing changes.

      She replies, you have some friends in some parts of American government. Don't risk it all by doing something stupid.

      It would seem to me:
      1) She felt she was dealing with a rational actor. Furthermore she seems to be communicating with someone who she feels understands nuance.
      2) By the amount of detail she provided she wasn't surprised when she heard about the invasion. She understood Saddam's threat to include violence to other countries.

      Is this document true? Probably some of the more truthful stuff available to us today.It seems "messy" enough to me to not have been too heavily edited for public consumption to serve someone's particular interests.

      The guy who looks bad to me is Bush Sr. After receiving this information he was just waiting for a war after selling out his Iraq connections. There was no surprise at all.

      All of this would justify his actions for the invasion that would follow.

      Thanks for calling attention to these particular cables. There's a lot there and the distribution channels are literally all over the world. It's actually pretty cool seeing what information various leaders had available when making their various decisions.

  • Wikileaks and the New McCarthyism: Maybe we Just Need a More Open Government
    • Hi,

      I would like to disagree with you. This document dump stands as a fitting memorial to the late Chalmers Johnson. But I recognize it comes at a high cost. Diplomats will find it harder to do their work because these communication channels will be closed off and a new communications system will be designed and built.

      On the other hand I hope that someone with a higher security clearance will further the leaking. In my view there is no way that the real important stuff is in this dump. Most of us realize the first tier communication is done verbally without records, but the second tier still remains. It will be interesting to see what other more important stuff lies out there.

      While the press will propagandize this information relentlessly it is still important that Americans understand what is being done in their name with their tax dollars to forward the interests of the national oligarchy. It is true that there's not much sensational in there, but an empire is run one day at a time, today through boring emails. Many emails. Beneath our facade of democracy, our lifestyle demands we live a series of lies that are exposed here for all to see in their brutal honesty.

      So far we haven't seen many of the cables. What we have seen has caused embarassment int the Middle East and riots in Great Britain. Why are Middle Eastern governments embarassed? Could it be that these cables when taken together will reaffirm that places like Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are client states doing the bidding of their American corporate, government masters. I suspect people like Hillary Clinton and Obama don't want an honest debate about the fundamental causes of Middle Eastern terrorism. In addition they don't want an honest discussion about the "War on Terra"'s costs in terms of money, safe travel, civil rights, and our true image abroad. The American war/diplomatic/foreign policy bureaucracy certainly dosn't want this open debate.

      Remember, somewhere there probably is a CIA analyst who has seen the effects of his work in the last ten years. He has accss to further information and it's ugly. He doesn't want to go to jail and he's watching this WikiLeaks episode with great interest. He and the CIA have been sh*t on and scapegoated for years. He is waiting to see how this plays out.

      For Jullian Assange. From an Aussie to another job well done. After reasding your ex-lawyer's account of your story I suspect the Swedish rape charges are fake. Go to forthe details. Yeah, the chicks was bragging they "bagged" you 24 hours after the "rape" on facebook. Look for the article --> link to . I know it's the lawyers story but some of his facts should be able to be verified.

      Man I wish I had 1/10th his cajones But then again I want a more "regular" life. Let justice prevail.

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