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  • Palestinian Hunger Games
  • Videos on the Muslim Brotherhood and the Quest for Power in Egypt
    • I tried to find the whole NG video but parts 1 & 2 on YouTube won't play. Anybody have a link to the whole thing?

  • Arab revolutions Continue
    • Re: Egypt, I wonder what would happen if things were allowed to evolve naturally, without outside meddling. I know that Egypt is too close, geographically, to Zionist occupied Palestine to be allowed to make its own decisions but it's just something I wonder about.

  • Basic Facts on Clothing and Murder for American Bigots
    • A recent Nobel laureate said (paraphrasing), mankind started out naked and evolved to wear clothes. Muslim clothing is the epitome of dress evolution.
      I think her opinion carries more weight than yours Mr. Moore

    • "you shouldn’t be bothering Muslims either, but your sad ass is definitely going to clown hell if you shoot down a Sikh because you mistook him for a Muslim."

      This actually made me lol, the real lol, not the virtual lol
      Really though, I think if these hate crimes were made Capitol offenses, the would be much rarer.

  • Geraldo wears the Hoodies he Blames for Shooting
    • Really? Geraldo Revera?? This is news? Why are we even talking about this person? This guy is a nobody from nowhere who has done nothing. Are there really people out there who pay attention to this guy?

  • Romney ads anger Latinos, Slam Santorum for Sotomayor Vote
    • Funny you should say that Joe. Just this past Wednesday I had a back and forth on FB about a prejudicial comment directed towards Muslims. It was written by a black man.
      Also, just recently in Tel Aviv, the grand chief of the assembly of first nations as well as representatives from other aboriginal victims of colonialism put their stamp of approval on Israel's colonization of Palestine.
      I think what is at work in both cases is a desperate attempt by the people involved to be seen as one of the "in" crowd maybe, certainly seems counter intuitive but I have observed the anti Islam sentiments among African Canadian people for some time now.

  • Washington Actions on Palestine don't Differ from Gingrich's Words
    • I'm confused David. From your post, I gather that if I were to force my way into your home, (wether you are home or not) and I am able to maintain control for some certain time frame, you feel that I become at least in part, the home owner. Is that based on some legal premise? I am familiar with squatters rights, but that implies that the original owner has made no effort to assert their ownership. I'm old enough to realize that the Palestinians have been asserting that they have rights for a very long time. The British accepted, in theory, a Jewish homeland in palestine, that's established fact. But is it relevant? By what legal premise do you assert that Israel has any right to stolen property?

  • Qaddafi's People's Temple
  • Qaddafi was a CIA Asset
    • So Donna, could you provide us with some examples of "practical steps to keep Qazaffi from slaughtering the protest movement"? Should we have sent him cookies and asked him to be nice? How about getting his wife to give him a stern talking to? Maybe threaten to take away his...BTW, there was NOTHING illegal about this war!!!
      You asked a good question, how many Libyans were "slaughtered" by NATO? I guess it was meant to be a rhetorical question, but I would be interested to know the answer, would YOU?? Perhaps you should be more concerned about your credibility?

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