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Michael C.

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  • Top Ten Climate Change Threats being ignored by your Television News
    • Most Americans don't know where half of the places mentioned in your top 10 list are. So, it is hardly surprising that television news ignore these stories and just about everything else beyond the borders of the USA.

  • Ret'd. CIA Official Alleges Bush White House Used Agency to "Get" Cole
    • What about the bit in NY Times article suggesting that you were denied an appointment at Yale because of campaigning by conservative critics? Any truth to it? How far did you get in the process before you were turned down?

  • Egyptian Protests Swell in Response to Ghonim
    • The NY Times reports "On Monday, a diverse group of American specialists on Egypt and the Middle East wrote to Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton expressing concern that the United States “may acquiesce to an inadequate and possibly fraudulent transitional process in Egypt.” Who are these people and what more did they say? I googled the quote and found no references to this other than by the NY Times.

  • Repression Fails as Thousands Demand Mubarak Departure
    • Regarding John Stewart not challenging Shafiq's apology, the more that The Daily Show gains in prominence, the more cautious and deferential Stewart becomes. Another case in point, recently T. Boone Pickens told Stewart that Fracking has no adverse environmental effects, and Stewart let it go, saying nothing. For what its worth, I think Colbert is much more subversive than Stewart as his Jonathan Swift "Modest Proposal" style irony hardly spares anyone.

  • Mubarak Defies a Humiliated America, Emulating Netanyahu
    • It would be interesting to compare what is not happening in Egypt to 1989 in Eastern Europe. Of course, there are many differences, but recent events leave me wondering whether we are not witnessing the collapse of America's informal empire in the Middle East. May the dominoes fall!

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