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  • Gaza - reduced to Rubble by Israel - suffers cold, hungry winter: 'conditions catastrophic'
    • @Mark Koroi

      The difference is that families in Gaza have no choice but to live in a tent pitched on the rubble of homes demolished because "Israel saw a militant on a motorcycle launch a rocket from the area".

      The poor, disenfranchised residents of Tel Aviv ( note the sarcasm here) can resort to illegal, yet government subsidized and protected, squater settlements in Palestine if they simply don't want to pay Tel Aviv prices.

      Your attempt to equate the two situations is frankly shameful.

  • History and Betrayal: UNSCOP and Palestine, 1947
    • Could you please add links to the previous installments? It would be helpful to have quick access to the entire work.

  • Jesus and Muhammad and the Question of the State
    • I believe that in Islam, the faith, the Hadith is secondary to the Quran because the first is the word of man while the second is the word of God.

      However, most humans, regardless of faith, do what they want and then seek justification in whatever agreeable text they can find.

  • Terrorism and the other Religions
    • @ Clegg

      You should refer to some articles that Juan has posted over the years citing numerous instances where terrorists were condemned in the Muslim world.

      While everyone appreciates the irony of posting fabrications in the comments of an article based on a respectable gathering of facts (although maybe not complete, based on some of the more intelligent comments), there are other websites that would appreciate your willful ignorance more

  • Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism
    • @Brian

      What an asinine comment based on absolutely nothing. Literacy rates in countries with large Muslim populations range dramatically from 57% in Bangladesh to 95% in Kuwait. Not even the most exaggerated definition of "vast majority" could be applied in any of those situations.

      Honestly, take 5 seconds to type something into a search engine before posting moronic comments. All the knowledge of mankind is at your finger tips, if only you're willing to look past your nose.

  • Israel at 65: Welcome to the Neighborhood (Map)
    • I think it's funny.

      The caption in particular summarizes how ludicrous the Israel comcept really is. That because one group of 80 million Europeans (Nazis) decided to kill another group of 6 million Europeans, yet another group of 45 million Europeans (Britain) should decide to give the second group land that never belonged to either.

  • Dear Rightwing Catholic Islamophobes: Pope Francis just washed the feet of a Poor Muslim
    • Dennis's ideas seem based on a whole lot of nothing. There is no Muslim leader analogous to the Pope, so of course you'd see most things before this non-existent person washes the feet of a Muslim woman. Stop trying to subvert Francis's humility in an attempt to prop up the status quo. Follow his lead and exhibit some humility for a change.

  • Obama slights Palestinians, who stage Tent Protests
    • It is entirely accurate to note that most Jews converted to Christianity and then some again to Islam. The ancient people of this land are still there. Just because they are no longer Jewish does not elevate the claim of European Jews to this land above theirs.

      In fact, it is your fudging of facts and attempts to revise history that are unhelpful.

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